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by AnonDuck
02 Mar 2024, 00:12
Forum: Home of Development
Topic: Treasure hunt at sea in TMW classic
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Re: Treasure hunt at sea in TMW classic

With a few .xml overrides I used to wear a ship as a hat.
Just make the ships mobs or NPCs tied to the ship sprite. Then they can be made to appear/disappear and move around.

by AnonDuck
17 Feb 2024, 22:49
Forum: TMW Classic
Topic: Renaming TMW Classic
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Re: Renaming TMW Classic

I'm with Bjorn on this one. TMW's name has never changed. The other games are not TMW and there is no replacement. Or.. Maybe it's like New Coke? They released New Coke and everyone hated it so they went back to making normal Coca Cola. They rebranded as Coca Cola Classic for a decade or so afterwar...
by AnonDuck
20 Jul 2023, 18:22
Forum: Events
Topic: Event: Blanc's Trial
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Re: Event: Blanc's Trial

Ban him!
Or even worse: Make him a developer!

by AnonDuck
11 Apr 2023, 15:26
Forum: News
Topic: The Mana World's 19th Birthday
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Re: The Mana World's 19th Birthday

Yay! We're old!

by AnonDuck
11 Apr 2023, 03:51
Forum: Client Development
Topic: [WIP] Manaverse press kit
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Re: [WIP] Manaverse press kit

Don't know what I like best, but I think these are all amazing. Thank you for making them.

by AnonDuck
01 Mar 2023, 04:38
Forum: Events
Topic: Saint Paddys Day
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Re: Saint Paddys Day

Probably nsfw:


There once was a girl from Nivalis
Who suffered from minor paralysis
She couldn't scratch
The itch in her sn*tch
So she always prefered some analysis

by AnonDuck
02 Feb 2023, 19:19
Forum: Home of Development
Topic: The sprites of Hocus
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Re: The sprites of Hocus

Those sprites are great! Why is this in the private forum?

by AnonDuck
13 Aug 2021, 02:56
Forum: Player talk
Topic: The Best of ManaWorld you wish came back
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Re: The Best of ManaWorld you wish came back

Exploiting the #_&$ out of the server, protocol, quests, and damn near everything. The TMW devs were absolutely wonderful and instead of banning me they invited me to contribute!

This was common practice and how TMW gained developers. The good old days

by AnonDuck
19 May 2021, 17:23
Forum: Web Development
Topic: Future of IRC Network
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Re: Future of IRC Network

Wow, it's been a while hasn't it? I think TMW should be on whichever IRC network is more popular and has more users. This makes it easier for new people or old friends to chat. Privacy and such doesn't matter. TMW has already given that up in exchange for convenience/features by bridging the channel...
by AnonDuck
04 Jan 2019, 19:55
Forum: Player talk
Topic: "Thanks pateame", dammit.
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Re: "Thanks pateame", dammit.

The excitement is bringing old people back to play :P
by AnonDuck
22 Nov 2016, 14:26
Forum: Off topic
Topic: Neverending three-word story
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Re: Neverending three-word story

like a duck
by AnonDuck
23 Sep 2016, 16:37
Forum: Feedback / Feature Requests / Content Suggestions
Topic: Use of TOR, VPNs, proxies and hosting companies
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Re: Use of TOR, VPNs, proxies and hosting companies

I'm the one who implemented this blocking. IP address is the only identifier we can use to ban people who just keep making new accounts and breaking the rules. They'll use hosting providers, TOR, and VPNs to bypass any IP bans we set, so I've blocked many of these to help prevent this. IP is not a g...
by AnonDuck
12 Feb 2016, 21:01
Forum: Feedback / Feature Requests / Content Suggestions
Topic: Request increasing backpack storage.
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Re: Request increasing backpack storage.

The real issue here is that some items don't stack. Make equipment stack and there'd be no need for so many slots.
by AnonDuck
01 Feb 2016, 14:18
Forum: Feedback / Feature Requests / Content Suggestions
Topic: Jack's Skeleton Charm
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Re: Jack's Skeleton Charm

I made this content and I object to putting this in the next release. I made the charm because we didn't have any content for Halloween. It was very, very rushed. This is why it doesn't have an associated quest. Since the charm is so easy to get I think it should only work during the proper times of...
by AnonDuck
28 Jan 2016, 20:35
Forum: News
Topic: TMW-BR is back, after a long time!
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Re: TMW-BR is back, after a long time!

Nice! The old BR server was great, so I'm very happy to see this coming back. Welcome to the TMW family and thank you for contributing by making a cool server :)