The Mana News, 3rd edition

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The Mana News, 3rd edition

Post by jesusalva » 04 Oct 2019, 14:00

Hello everybody! As we're getting closer to deadline, we have even less time to make news, but why not doing news when there are some news?
I'll be dividing these news in three sections: TMWC/TMWT* Bulletin, Legacy Server News, and rEvolt news, which should cover... Pretty much everything happening, not only in development.

So, time for action!

In the past weeks, a few decisions were approved by The Mana World Team (TMWC/TMWT). We'll not be saying about too old ones like the rules change, as most of you are already aware.

First, we made contributor shirt request proccess more simple, with more clear rules of what counts and what doesn't.
Hopefully, contributors will face less problems/bureaucracy in getting their c-shirt now!

And also, in the begin of this month, Jesusalva was internally voted as a server admin. That's me. Just for the record, please do not confuse admins with GMs or Event Coordinators; If you are being harassed while Prsm is offline and I'm online I'll obligue, but the final decision is still up to Prsm. (And to TMWT as a whole).

So, now that you all know what TMWC have been doing, we have some notices about the current main server!

As you might be aware, there was a "bug" which had funny side effects.

One of the side effects was that the level cap was raised from 99 to 135. Originally we planned to revert that, but we then decided it would be better if the community decided instead.

And the results are that, currently, keeping the new level cap of 135 is with overwhelming advantage. I guess it came to stay, after all!

Also, for next week (Oct 7th onwards), there will be a new Halloween Boss, called Tormenta. Said boss will give large amounts of experience to whoever defeats, and may drop rare hats! (She spawns hourly, whenever minutes reach zero. There can't be two Tormentas at same time.)

Tormenta came directly from the Abyss, and we're still not sure of their relation with Valia and Luvia. She is still bound with the Abyss, but Halloween is creepy and creepy things happen. She will keep returning during the whole event.

Conspiracy Theory:
Conspiracy Theory say that Tormenta might be Valia's and Luvia's mother; And because she was too dangerous she was purged to the Abyss by her daughters. The conspiracionists also say that her powers are still not at their fullest. But then, do you believe conspiracionists?
The drops and spawn point are as follow:
Tormenta spawns at Hurnscald Farms (ask any Teleporter), in the herb farming spot northeast of Hurnscald.
  • 0.1% drop - Evil Blinking Mask (Red)
  • 0.4% drop - Paper Bag
  • 0.4% drop - Skull Mask
  • 0.4% drop - Face Mask
  • 0.4% drop - Jester Mask
  • 0.4% drop - Goblin Mask
  • 0.4% drop - Opera Mask
  • 0.5% drop - Guy Fawkes Mask
Note: Witch Hat, even if it looks cool, will not be dropped.
Of course, main development still comes to the new server, which hopefully will be made available after Halloween, but we depend on contributions to meet deadlines. If nobody come to help us, we might need to extend it again, and we really don't want that, because we've been postponing this since... Halloween 2016? That was THREE YEARS AGO! We're as agonized to release it as we hope you players are to playing it.

We have pushed Omatt's Training Room, a place where you can train your fighting skill against dummies. We're now developing Trozz's Training Room, which instead of dummies that won't fight back, you'll be facing Legion members!

Oh, the blacksmith also stocked up some arrows.

But enough of Artis, what's going on Hurnscald?
We're mapping the Merchant's House, who'll help you to don't get lost, because you aren't disembarking directly at Hurnscald.

4144 (aka. Andrei) also become a NPC (wasn't him one already? Nevermind...) and took his rightful spot in Hurnscald.

Also, we have updated our translations in case you want to contribute somehow but doesn't knows how!

By last, for potential contributors, I'm considering in giving a "public class" in basic quest scripting. Interested? Please enter in contact with me (either PM me ingame, in the forums, Discord, or send a message in IRC); Preferably for this Saturday but as I know everybody is busy including me, we might need to discuss precise time and date.

I don't plan in teaching individuals in coding because that wears me off quickier than teaching a small group; But we'll see how it turns out as we all have time constraints.

And that's everything... for now. :alt-6:

*The Mana World Team (TMWC/TMWT)
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