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Forum changes

Post by WildX » 23 Aug 2016, 17:13

Several changes have been made to the forums today:
  • Merged support forums into one section were users are asked to specify OS in thread titles with a tag.
  • The "Contributor Suggestions" section is now mergef with "Feedback / Feature Requests / Content Suggestions".
  • Full review and update of user groups and group membership.
  • Private sections changes.
It was decided to go ahead with the review of user groups and to deal with any objections afterwards. So if anybody believes they should be reinstated into a group, please contact me by PM.

Notice to members of the Tester group: This group has been replaced with the TMW Contributor gorup. If you consider yourself an active tester please apply to join from the user list.

Any potential further changes that are part of this overhaul will be listen on this thread.
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