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Post by WildX » 10 Apr 2018, 11:03

I'm resiging from my GM role. I was made a GM during the TMW-Evol merge for two reasons:
  • There were not enough active GMs across the main timezones, which usually calls for the Team selecting a GM internally. Public elections are for that exact reason known as "community suggestions".
  • The Legacy server development was halted and the community needed to be kept entertained with events until the new server is ready.
I'm leaving for two reasons:
  • I feel like my help with GM duties is not wanted and my attempts at providing entertainment seem to annoy a lot of people.
  • I've got my hands in too many things. I want to focus on doing better work in other areas of TMW and also step back from TMW a bit.
I will continue to be a development producer (gameplay design, managing testing, schedules and budget maintenance) and wiki+forum admin; at least until I'm shown the door or I decide it's time to go.

Before I leave as GM I will update the GM roster by moving any GM who has been inactive for 1 year or more into the Adviser group as per TMWT/TMWC membership rules. I highly suggest that the community elect someone to help Prsm with his GM duties; he's not the only GM but he's the only one who is around often enough to carry out his duties normally.

- WildX
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