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Act 2: The Invasion

The Mage Council of Tulimshar has monitored events following the Great Quake and feel that something ominous is spreading throughout The Mana World. Monsters seem to of come out of every shadowy corner and petty dieties has begun to make presence in dark places. The council has made the call and you are just one of the many people that will battle the forces of evil, sending them back to the depths they came from.

Be it warrior, archer or mage, you have answered the call from the leaders of the world to fight back the darkness that spread after the Great Quake. Even so, the monsters strength is overwhelming, and not even Tormenta is staying behind the eternal seals any longer.

And sensing adventurers and the mana world resident weakness, someone decided it was a good idea to send an invading army...
When? March 15th, Sunday. At 18:00 UTC, like many other events.

Where? The event will officially happen at HURNSCALD WEST ENTRANCE, outside the town. Be warned, powerful monsters will be there.

Can we repel the invasion? Maybe. Every invading monster that is defeated will be counted. Depending on this, the invasion may fail, or may be successful.

What will be the rewards? Most if not every Doomsday Event will not have any reward. Exceptionally, we may give a trinket or other, as any normal event.

However, event monsters will drop some unreleased items. The unreleased item for the new monster will the the [Paladin's Helmet].

Act 2? Will there be other acts? What about Act 1?
Act 1 is what we have been living thus far.
There will be other acts. These acts may add new music, sounds, monsters, and other petty resources to help with Doomsday Event immersion, but if we can't make it, we will just publish a wiki article instead.

What Doomsday is about?
Doomsday, The Final Day, The Judgement Day, or a new name which will show up around the later acts, will (re)introduce, explain, and connect the mana world lore.

Doomsday event will start picking up Legacy's Server lore and "end" in rEvolt's Server.
Oh, this might include CR1 lore and the Mana Temple lore (which lost canonic standing in 2009).

I could not attend the event.
I may publish what happened to a wiki later, but this event will never, ever again, happen again.
The new monsters/music/map-decoration/etc. featured in this event may be entirely removed once the event concludes.

But don't worry, the event may take a long time until all acts are finished.

Where can I read when/what the other acts will be?
Actually, you can't. Nobody can.
This is because players and GMs are slowly writing the base upon which I write this story.

An invasion was not planned, the original doomsday event would feature a world collision chaos. However, developers affected the original plan, by calling the new server rEvolt.
Shortly after, Game Masters started summoning Tormenta multiple times, which redefined the event as well.
And before Valentine Day event, a Tormenta which was spawned stayed on Obelisk Cave for about the whole weekend without being defeated.
This is why «The Invader» decided it would be safe to cast their invasion in the world.

Is there anything else special on the invasion?
Yes. The monsters will give a good amount of experience.
Everyone asked for more monsters for players above level 100, and that's what we're adding.

However, please don't expect to gain a game-breaking amount of experience.
This might be different after TMWA final snapshot, which we'll hopefully explain soon.
Because anything done before the snapshot might (doesn't means it will) affect TMW+Evol merge, so it must be kept sane.
Once the final snapshot is done, I can send game balance to make for Tormenta's Residence :alt-0: So under-leveled players are able to enjoy the Doomsday Event Story. (However, keep in mind, I have no plans in breaking the game. Don't think that I'll make Squirrels give you level 99 because that's not going to happen :roll: )

When will the event end?

Ideally it should end the night before new server release, but rEvolt's schedule is pretty ahead, so it may keep extending for several weeks, or even months, after the new server release.

Ops, this might contain spoilers. Oh well.

Can I help?

As I said. Everything and everyone is affecting doomsday event.
For example. Will I put fire on Hurnscald? Depends. Will there be tilesets for it?
Another example. Will you cut down Hurnscald Tree?! </3 It also depends! Will players allow monster armies to get so close to it? Did our contributors ensured the tree is up, alive, and standing, on rEvolt server?

In other words, almost everything you do or don't, be it a contribution to rEvolt, some discussion, an action on the event, or anything you don't, WILL most likely affect this event one way or the other.

PS. This text was not proofread nor spell checked. Apologies in advance!
PPS. TMWT reserves itself the right to cancel the event without a warning.
Eg. if no one shows up, if no one cares, etc. then there's little to no reason to make this interactive story. We could just write a wiki article and be done with.
So please participate <3

PPPS. This does not change St. Patrick's Day event.
Actually, have you wrote a limmerick yet? Did I mention that even limmericks may give me ideas which actually change the Doomsday Event as a whole? :wink:
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Re: DOOMSDAY EVENT, March 15th, 18h UTC

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Doomsday Event, Act 2

Until an invisible deadlineApril 11th, the 16th birthday of TMW, the special event monster Mana Guardian will show up in 6 places over the whole world.

Each Mana Guardian defeated until the event will count as 1 point (for the whole server). These points are from the community, not from the players.

If they fail to hit a certain amount, which is also not disclosedwhich is of about 2500, until the deadline...
The Mana World will be overtaken. (See more details) further down

HOWEVER, if players manage to reach this certain amount, depending on how well their efforts were, Mana Guardians might become a limited-time summon :D

Below, is an list of places where the Mana Guardians will show up.
Argaes (Hurnscald) Region
Farmlands - 4 guardians
Woodlands Hills secret spot - 3 guardians
The Great Tree - 1 guardian

Kaizei (Nivalis) Region
Snow Forest - 6 guardians
Rock Plateau - 2 guardians

Tonori (Tulimshar) Region
Beach - 7 guardians

PS. Monsters respawn. Attacking in multiple fronts shall help this.
PPS. They are meant to give more EXP than crypt. I'm not sure if they did reach this, though.
Game Logs:

Code: Select all

[17:56] ?????: Today looks like a good day.
[17:58] ?????: So much green...
[17:58] ?????: Oooh, an unknown flying monster. Local citzens seems to call it "bee"
[18:00] ?????: I'm almost done scouting the area west of hurns, sir
[18:00] ?????: Sir, today is a good day to invade!
[18:01] ?????: Sir! The residents are showing resistance!
[18:01] ?????: Understood sir! I'll send more soldiers!
[18:02] ?????: Sir! They've defeat the recon unit!
[18:02] hchy-Harry: We need backup!
[18:02] ?????: We've surrounded them!
[18:03] ?????: SIRE!
[18:04] ?????: Tormenta on the loose! It is as your highness reported!
[18:05] ?????: My lord. I'm awaiting your orders.
[18:06] ?????: Understood sir, I've send five extermination units at south gate
[18:06] ?????: I don't think they'll be able to handle five guardians, my lord.
[18:08] ?????: Sir, the units were lured north, and split in two groups. These residents are smart!
[18:09] ?????: Maybe they have a chance to survive what's to come without our intervention, my lord?
[18:09] ?????: What do you mean, even if they're smart, they're still weak? You think we should still try and overtake The Mana World?
[18:10] ?????: I... I am not sure I agree with you, my lord... But...
[18:11] ?????: I understand, my lord, but we're not able to take over Hurnscald at this rate
[18:11] ?????: They are at my tail, too... I should retreat...
[18:12] ?????: Sir, as you wish. Your will will be carried. We'll launch a full scale invasion on the whole world, then.
[18:13] ?????: But first, I need to get rid of those defending...
[18:13] ?????: ...and annoying... forces
[18:13] ???????: I am inevitable... BEGIN THE INVASION... TAKE OVER THE MANA WORLD...
[18:14] Global: An invading army marches upon the whole world!
[18:14] Global: Monsters were sighted in Farmlands!
[18:14] Global: Monsters were sighted in Old Tulimshar!
[18:15] Global: Monsters were sighted in the Cold Forest!
[18:15] ?????: And now, my lord, I shall depart...
[18:15] ?????: Even with so little effort... Let's hope... That our armies are able to take over the mana world, before it is too late...
[18:24] Global: Doomsday, Act 2: Invaders were seen all over the world! We must repel them before it is too late, and they take over The Mana World!
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People are asking what happens if they "don't kill enough Mana Guardians".

So lemme try to clarify the consequences. In this event, three scenarios are possible:

1. The invader succeeds
The worst case scenario for this act, means nobody cared with, nor tried to stop the invader.

In this case, some NPCs will have their sprite replaced. (There's no prejudice to quests nor anything of the sort)
Players will not get a new skill.

2. The invader tries an election
The middle scenario for this act. Players cared enough to try to stop the invader, but were not strong enough.

Players get a poll to decide if they'll accept the new ruler (gain a new skill, NPCs sprite replaced) or not (no changes)

3. The invader is forced to surrender
The best case scenario for this act, means players not only cared with, but they actually stopped the invader.

The invader have no choice other than surrender.
Players will get a new skill, and NPC sprites will not be replaced.

All changes on Doomsday event are temporary.
They'll not be preserved once Doomsday event ends.
Jesusalva (aka. Jesusaves)
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