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#156057 by PoisonGhost
Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:29 pm
Hi Everyone!

Mou/BaseBallBoy helped me get set up so i can start working on the project anytime. I hope you will let me contribute and help create items and stuff like that and help keep the game going.

(P.S. I have some questions about development. Where can i go to talk about it?)
#156061 by WildX
Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:11 pm
Development has slowed down for a while due to other committments in all our lives, we're going back to it now and we will meet on Sunday to discuss our plans. If you're interested in contributing I highly suggest to come to the event and to join us on #evol-dev on Freenode :)
#156113 by Cassy
Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:35 pm
Hi my former "colleagues" ♥
Can you give me (and I guess others too) an update what's the current standing?
#156114 by WildX
Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:13 pm
Hey Cassy! We are currently planning to import Hurnscald and Tulimshar into the new server and start a live beta of the "new" world which will include Artis (from Evol), Hurnscald and Tulimshar (possibly the old version, still unsure) with all the quests that don't need other maps being imported as well. It's a slow period in development but we're still around, at least I will be since I have a too much free time lately. :D
#156115 by Cassy
Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:19 am
WildX wrote:Hey Cassy! We are currently planning to import Hurnscald and Tulimshar into the new server and start a live beta of the "new" world which will include Artis (from Evol), Hurnscald and Tulimshar (possibly the old version, still unsure) with all the quests that don't need other maps being imported as well. It's a slow period in development but we're still around, at least I will be since I have a too much free time lately. :D

That sounds pretty good :alt-3:
Do you have a plan when this will be happening?
Just a rough date, for example within the next 2 month, or end of 2017 or... ?

Please post updates more often so everyone knows what's going on and continue believing in the merge and in you ;)
#156116 by WildX
Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:38 am
The thing with deadlines is that we have never respected a single one. We can't know when each of us will have time to invest in the project and how much of that time they will invest. It's the type of coordination you can expect of employees, but that's not what we are.

I can estimate that we could have a playable server before the end of the summer, but I cannot guarantee that it will actually happen as I have no control over anyone's work schedule.

EDIT: I believe I can give you a better idea by showing what's being done. Here is a snapshot of the TO-DO list for Hurnscald. It contains everything we want to import and how we want to modify it. The same process will need to happen for Tulimshar and then we should be good to go.
==== LEGEND ====

❌ = we don't want it

[red cross]

✅ = DONE

[green checkmark (tick in a box)]

❕ = TO-DO

[white exclamation mark]

➤ = priority

[right arrow]

❗ = WIP

[red exclamation mark]

❓ = need help, or has questions

[red interrogation mark]

^ check that you have a font that can display Unicode dingbats

==== Related Merge Requests ====



❌ Andra

❕ Banu

Asks to refill a water bottle for her; then asks to buy her a knife from Peter in Hurnscald. (needs minor dialogue improvements)

I redo: she asks for a refill (let's move her a bit away from the city, she is not that dead to not be able to walk 5 tiles) maybe she is she can still roll, or jump on one of these giant snail

then she gives out the location of a treasure (ie: dig_treasure, not a random chest)

✅ Confused Tree

❌ Diryn the traveler

this is gonna be removed for now, until/if we add a travel system

❕ George

explains how the ferry works this NPC only explain things? If so, this dialogue could be changed to explain how the new ferry works (ie: no waiting for now) agreed

❓ Wait, what about *new* players who never used ferry before? Hope you're not planning to say only differences between legacy and current...

✅ Hinnak

✅ Mikhail

asks for maggot slimes to make a soup

-> Keep

-> DIS: maybe find a better mob/item to bring

❌ Constable Bob

this could be replaced by a signpost or a note

the @rules and #rules commands make this obsolete

❌ Guide (Ian)

✅➤ Jack

lumberjack quest (forest bow, wooden shield)

-> Keep

Can I ask someone to please review Alan first...?

this NPC is already completed, feel free to make a MR on top of mine (evol/serverdata!104)

I'll only do such thing if you guys show interest on how it's done on BR server. No interest, no point in taking risks.

❕ Milly

she wants to be impressed by the exploits of the player, gives a Beanie Copter after completing some quests and having X boss points

-> Keep as a simpler version

❓ What would the simpler version be?

I have added a bare-bones version of Milly, without any quest, until we can decide on what her quest will be

✅ Old Man

participates in the inspector quest, gives hints

-> Keep as snail-walk-ing NPC saying random old stuff

✅ Old Woman

also participates in the inspector quest same ^

-> Keep as snail-walk-ing NPC saying random old stuff

✅ Sabine

participates in the inspector quest

❌ Easter egg NPCs

Import from TMW-br for mass nightmare inducing – https://lut.im/V5NdSlp9Ea/4UAXzgLPMy6ywc2w.png

I do not remember that bunny author. But it seems like a disguise TBH. (jesusalva from BR) <- Probably died under mysterious circumstances shortly after publishing.

could we make some npcs interact with confused tree since now it can talk? we are going to have some walking NPCs on hurns, so yes

-> Create Hurns's graph shared by most walking NPCs < yay, headache incoming did it for Artis with omatt, we just did it once Artis was finished... ok so let's wait till hurns is complete to make things walk agreed "put omatt on it" amirite? urite...? inside joke? irite lol am-I-Right D: and omatt did it in an evening, I'm sure he will love to do it again :> haha so despotic or the whip will cause some pain yes (but i refuse first for got my whip) :>

-> Use a similar code that for the mouboo on Artis so that they don't walk on each-other

4.1.2 hospital [ STAYS AN HOSPITAL]

✅ Nurse

heals the player and asks for payment with nlogn

❕➤ Lena

quest of the fairy hat & armor (bandit hoods, bandit leader) < KEEP (and re-do the bandit art later on)

❌ Yalina

✅ Doctor [William]

participates in the inspector quest, has an easter egg (axe hat)

-> Keep

4.1.3 inn

Note: This inn seems to be selling the same item with three different prices. This is worse than Brazil in inflaction and a little unrealistic...

❕ Receptionist [Melania]

if you can place all of trump family inside it, and make the town mock them I'm all for it DONE. (← Reid authored) ← Hey, be sure to not violate any laws....

generic Inn receptionist (like plush) < I'd like to give all NPCs real names rather than generic stuff like receptionist. Thoughts?

Find her a better name

❓ Isn't Melania her name ^ Was this written after or before deciding that name?

^ if after, I propose Vitanella <- Oh my, I liked it sounds like Nutella

weight the general price with x1.2, as that city target a different range of player

❕ Melinda


we will use jenna's walking sprite and basically just copy the whole sprite

-> Require: Beer, Bouse(booze)

✅ Drinker (*2)

Led and Mitz, generally finishing the line of each others and calling for a certain alige,or they could both mispell alige's name

NPCs cannot have less than 4 characters in name it seems, "Ledd" was proposed on IRC (2017-04-15 by gumi) Reid liked it

❕ Barkeeper [shop] [Barron]

selling a bit cheaper than from melinda? yeah Melinda will walk around, it could explain the price gap I disagree if you charge more than the value of a tip.

❕ Kfahr

bone knife, setzer quest keep

❌ Entertainer

I want her dead and so does Alige let's kill this one < agreed, let's kill that

❕➤ Olana

rossy quest (huge quest, i agree, one of the best quest for now)

keep, just because you wrote "epic" and "little <girl name>"

✅ Bernard

related to the maggot slime soup

-> Keep

-> Require: Maggot donjon with SUSAN as maggot boss +1+2 +3 in less than one second we made something more trendy than on facebook/tweeter/diaspora* Susan should be our new logo. YES! Susan is popular now, who doesn't know Susan knows nothing about life Can Susan wear a top hat? we could make Susan a major part of the game history Maybe instead of killing Susan we should have a quest where we rescue her and she rewards us with her great Maggot Wisdom.which gives exp for merely sitting in town for hours? Can turn into a giant maggot named Ron for an hour, her dear departed husband.



4.1.4 potion shop

❕ Wyara

stat reset (like rumly)

❓ This means she requires Plushrooms? Or are we going to use a different item as coin?

> point to her shop

> can convert plushroom into plushroom potions

> money for stat reset > nlogn

❕ Potions [shop]

ok, that place was the iron and concentration potions place then I remember its utility, let's make it the only place from afar where you can buy them then

If it's the only place to find potions, then it shouldn't be a shelf (imo)

Require: Concentration and Iron potions with a bigger effect (because RO's re stats and also because our shrooms give these effects already)

-> Rename these potions with shroom name, like Plushroom Potion and Whatevershroom Potion

Try "Iron Plushroom Potion"? <- It would make much sense to name potions either after ingredients or after effects, yes.

4.1.5 archery shop

✅ Alan

involved in the Forest Bow quest (with Jack), a bit of a grinding fest but not too bad for a noob item. Requires wood logs and loghead mobs.

-> Keep

I'll add here as a suggestion. BR Alan's a little different, instead of grabbing 'n' logs until one is good enough, Jack (woodchopper) have a sturdy, noble wood, one of those you cannot cut anymore because law and such, for the bow and he'll trade it if you collect normal wood to him reform his roof. (You know, he's getting a llittle old). You also need a string which you can get with a fisher for a few roots.

Alan then takes the good wood and the string, and crafts a fine bow with it. If you want to go with this I believe the coding was already converted to hercules thanks to 4144... Check https://gitlab.com/jesusalva/TMW-BR_Nec ... -data/npc/ → 005_Fortaleza for Alan, 008_IlhaFortaleza for jack and 007_PraiaPorto/pescador.txt for the rope. Use a translator in need of assistance. Ported to Hercules by 4144.

Note: Even though the Forest Bow quest can be completed fairly early on, the bow remains the best ranged weapon in Legacy TMW from then on (unless the player decides to switch to self-harm playstyle after getting a Banshee Bow).

Note2: The only bow better than Forest Bow I've ever seen was Desert Bow (br, because additional range) and Banshee Bow (org but harms user)

❕ Apprentice [shop] < [Donald] (because The Apprentice, get it?) < (no, please explain) < I believe this is because Donald Trump, but Donald means Reid (ie. "ruler of the world") https://www.behindthename.com/name/donald

> Keep, we will see what he sells later

-> Require: arrows, most probably those from artis and some others

> arrow cost fluctuates (dynamic shop)

Suggestion. Apprentice could offer you a cheaper variant of the bow but which disappoints you? (But this way he probably won't sell the bows, he'll offer to craft them) (normal bow you mean?)

4.1.6 Merchant Guild of Hurnscald

❕ Richard [storage]

generic bank stuff

✅➤ Inspector

< the main quest of Hurnscald >

let's move it outdoor? Or maybe the INN, it could be good outdoor, as he could be on the bottomest level of the new Hurns, aka the only entrance, the player will be kind of forced to meet him <- (since he doesn't really do anything, he might as well be sitting in the inn all drunk and have the player do his work instead) Yes him at the inn could explain why the player needs to help. I mean, he's not doing his job, we need some way to explain it other than laziness.

❌ Trader

If I remember well, tmw-BR trader had a quest which gave you a _ugly_ glass (in case you guys want to reuse but I don't recommend!)

❕ General Store [shop]

> change item list (we keep the bottle of water for now :>)

❕ Selim [dyer]

this one could just explain how the dye cards work we have the same on artis, although, we could place him into the entrance of the city, where other merchant are (his sprite will be redesigned from scratch, I will just keep his fancy and colored look) ok so keep? yep, move to city's entrance

4.1.7 forge

✅ Peter

** renamed to Macgowan because a Peter already exists in Evol

two empty NPCs, we will fill them with quests and a shop like we did with Artis's blacksmith

✅ Nicholas

Same fate ^

4.1.8 City hall (closed, maybe legion/brotherhood in the future)

Is it necessary to have a starting controlling guild? If I remember correctly the cities command could change. Using the "current" command when possible seems a good idea for me...

But then, we also need to check how Brotherhood and Mana Order are being introduced to the player!

4.1.9 Celestia house < for now empty npc

4.1.10 non-Hurnscald NPCs

✅Troupe Leader

actual location: Tulimshar

required by: Inspector

✅ (bookcase)

actual location: mining camp

required by: Inspector

✅ Malek

actual location: mining camp

required by: Inspector

4.2 Generic Scripts

✅➤ Soul Menhir

< "place of power", mana refills faster when sitting near it

❕ Water Pump

free refill for now, water bottle gives no hp for now for now yes

actually let's disable it for now; make it a npc that does nothing, or say "out of order"

❕❓ Dock

are we adding La Johanne there or no boat yet?

❓ another boat, not so sure how to do it right now

Fell free to copy TMW-BR boat scripts........ Tilesets are from Lunovox though.

✅ Note (in the inn/tavern)


6. Art

6.1 Tileset

-collision.png :

used on every maps

contributor: Bjorn

-woodland_ground.png :

used by *every* woodland maps

contributors: Crush, Wombat, enchilado, ??

-woodland_x2.png :

used by *most* woodland maps

contributors: Crush, Len, Saphy

-woodland_x3.png :

used by *most* woodland maps

contributors: Crush, Len, Saphy, wushin

-woodland_village.png :

used by some maps from different regions, ~20 maps

contributors: Crush, meko

*** the sign with a red cross needs to be removed because this violates the Genova Convention

the "red cross" symbol is NOT a symbol for healthcare; it is for the protection of war crime victims

we should instead use the Rod of Asclepius (like in woodland_village_x2.png) < Does the Red Cross violate this convention? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internati ... t_Movement (not disagreeing, genuinely curious) < nah, it doesn't violate, it's the same entity > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emblems_o ... t_Movement

Emergency services should use the Star Of Life

Pharmacies should use the Bowl of Hygieia

any other health-related institutions should use the Rod of Asclepius

the red cross symbol is for use by the international red cross and is protected under the Genova Convention

I would like to remember that players from everywhere should still see the building and say "this is the hospital". This is why the red cross was used in past...

The Rod of Asclepius is recognized worldwide so we're fine with that <- Can agree with that!

As a member of a post-communist state, I can confirm that we recognize Rod of Asclepius over here.

-woodland_village_x2.png :

used by some maps from different regions, ~10 maps

contributors: Crush

-woodland_indoor.png :

used by most tmw maps

contributors: Crush, Yosuhara

6.2 NPC Sprites

woodenpump.png (currently being used as a tileset)


tree-large.png (Is it considered an NPC? sadly) <= this can simply become a map mask (this way we can also even turn the whole map to xmas mode, not just the central tree) ... actually it can't since it has to be in Fringe and there can be only one Fringe

6.3 Ambiants


7. Maps


-009-1 <= this is gonna be merged into 008-1

-009-2 <= this will be split into submaps (009-2-XX)


-009-4 <= this will be a submap of 009-3

-009-5 <= same

-009-6 <= same

-009-7 <= I'm removing this (this text color is gumi btw)

-009-8 <= this will be a submap of 009-2

7 Sound

7.1 Music

-magick-real.ogg : used on 5 maps

-the-forest.ogg : used on 8 maps

7.2 SFX















8. Mobs

❓ Are these names final or are they just translations? <- I believe it's supposed to be a listing of the current mobs, which has been done partly in a language oter than English.

I replaced the foreign names with English ones. In case they were important, the changelog is: “ardilla” -> “Squirrel” | “la mariposa” -> “Butterfly” | “gusano de seda” -> “Silkworm”

- Bee

- Butterfly

- CloverPatch

- Maggot

- ManaBug

- MauvePlant

- PinkFlower

- Silkworm

- Squirrel

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