Drama topics.

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Drama topics.

Post by Platyna » 29 Sep 2009, 10:27

Since today, all drama topics about your wife/sister/brother/neighbor/dog/etc. suffering from cancer/stroke/aids/rabies/whatever will be kept for 24h and then removed. Their duplicates will be removed instantly.

Rationale behind this:
1. This is online gaming forum, me and several other persons finds it disgusting that personal tragedy is between "boredom" and "botting books" threads.

2. It is already serious problem in similar communities that people are trying to draw attention by such made up (or not) stories - since it is the Internet, you never know if a person on the other side is telling the truth and what are their intentions at all (I do not say e. g. evadem made this up). It often ends in flamewars and trolling (simple schema: someone posts that X died, the other ones posts condolences and then some other people, posts "good that s/he died, I hated this female dog, wolf, fox or otter", then those who posted condolences are attacking that person and there is 14 pages hell being created) - therefore allowing such things is on the long run harmful for the community.

However, with understanding it is the community, and we are concerned about our our online friends well-doing I will perform some work to make PM communication easier for you, so you can keep yourself informed without morally controversial public exhibitions.

You can send your sympathies via PM, there are img tags and bbcode allowed also the message count has been increased. It will be very nice for this person to open her/his user profile and see sympathy letters. Not to mention that composing such a message takes more effort and requires more thought than simply hitting reply button, so then we can really see who cares.

You may be now mad at me and call me a female dog, wolf, fox or otter, but if you calm down and think a bit, you may see the old grumpy Platy has a point.