Woodland Village: First real map

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Post by Crush » 10 Sep 2006, 02:17

I did the rectangular palisade mostly for technical than aesthetical reasons. It allows to put the inner area of the palisade on another map than the outer area. This allows to keep the city area free of monsters. Of course it would also be possible to do this without such an obvious physical barrier but it would make it a lot more difficult and would require a lot of warp gates.

Here is the (not completely finished) map together with the used tilesets. When you prefer ziolives layout over mine feel free to remap it:
http://www.crushnet.org/TempFiles/tmw/w ... illage.zip

Please don't change the lower and the left borders because they are the transmission to the next maps. Do with the left and upper border as you please, but please keep http://wiki.themanaworld.org/index.php/Xartune in mind.
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Post by Bjørn » 13 Sep 2006, 15:25

Aren't monsters confined to a certain area in any way? If not, at least expect this to be a feature of our own server, so that we don't have to do map tricks to keep monsters out of cities.

In addition, it would be cool if the guards of the city would actually keep the city free from monsters instead, by killing those that wander too close.
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