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#143572 by wushin
Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:38 am
Starting Area Redux
    [* ]Tutorial is a quick funnel only requiring Sorfina and Tanisha to complete
  • Exits are obvious and open after finishing the First House.
  • New Side Quests
  • Valon's Beast Mastery ( Kill X of monster get reward)
  • Zegas's Barrels (Help find the Bug bomb)
  • Magic Wand (Magic Institute of Tulimshar in the starting area) [WIP] (Needs Longer quest line)
  • Hasan & Kaan / Zegas / Valon / Morgan can completed after leaving starting area.
  • House Maggot & Tame Scorpion added
  • Made Magic usable for lowbies with Wand spell #confringo
  • Wand Spell uses mana each attack, varies based on Magic Power & Wand Level
  • Wood Staff is a level 2 Wand, item 1171 Wand is a Level 1 wand.
#143583 by wushin
Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:49 pm
Tutorial ends after leaving Sorfina's Dinner. After that it's free roam.
Exits are towards the SW (towards beach) & SE (Docks)
Hasan & Kaan are no longer door blockers.
Hasan & Kaan are now separate but extends the Tutorial Line.
Hasan & Kaan are now about being nice to people so they help you.
Valon, Zegas, Morgan Use Unused Nibbles in the Tut var.
Under level 10 can respec for free at Jessie in Sorfina's Dinner
Map 041-1 has had aggressive mobs replaced.

Valon's Quest Line:
* Kill 10 Maggots (40xp, 25 Gp)
* Kill 5 House Maggots (40xp, 25 Gp)
* Kill 3 Tame Scorpions (40xp, 25 Gp)
* Kill 1 Scorpion (40xp, 25 Gp)
Bonus 50 Xp at the end.

Zegas & Bug Bomb:
* Needs Bug Bomb set off in storehouse
* Search all the barrels
** Drops items needed in upcoming quests.
Bonus 50 xp, 50 Gp for completion

Morgan & MIT (Magic Institute of Tulimshar):
* Checks if you have enough Int
* Gives first Wand & Spell to activate it.
* Allows Access to the basement and MIT (42-3<->024-1 passage)
* #confringo requries no magic skill
** for people rolling Int on start or wanting to play magic
** gets player used to magic system early
** Maintains a decent level of DPS/Mana up to 99
Bonus Magic Wand is compensation enough for the ease.
(morgan and liana are reserved for further lowbie Magic line quest dealing with scorpion posion and the fenced scorpions)

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