Graveyard Inn/Town [WIP] [TESTING]

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Graveyard Inn/Town [WIP] [TESTING]

Post by wushin » 21 Apr 2016, 19:48

We are creating a town just south of the GY. It contains Munro and all the GY Inn NPCs. If some people would be so kind to test the GY Inn Quest it would be much appreciated.

Comments, questions and concerns about changes to GY, GY Inn, Swamp to the South of GY, and the 2 maps East of Swamp 025-1, 016-1 (South-East and South of Dimond's respectively).
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Re: Graveyard Inn/Town [WIP] [TESTING]

Post by deimos » 22 Apr 2016, 09:08

Reid gives you only 100000 exp points instead of 200000 when you give her the 15 frozen yeti tears.
What an INTENSE story :shock:
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