[FUSION] Aurora1.2 (Artis's Sewer Release)

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[FUSION] Aurora1.2 (Artis's Sewer Release)

Post by Reid » 27 Aug 2016, 18:02

The Sewer will be the first dungeon of Artis, here are some informations about it:
- a bit smaller than Artis
- the shape should follow the citys's main roads
- the entrance is on the hill on north-east of Artis
- every manhole should be an exit from this dungeon
- the sewer should be on two levels
- place that have a cellar should not be on the sewer's first level
- a jail should be present on the Legion's place on the second level of the sewer

There will be two [REQ] tilesets, a water one and another one for a pipe tileset.
While these tilesets will be in progress, we will use some placeholders in the map so that it doesn't slow down the development.

This dungeon will host some weak mobs from lvl 12 to 20, mainly slimes and some bandits.
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Re: Aurora1.2 (Artis's Sewer Release)

Post by Ash (Ringo-Chan) » 28 Aug 2016, 03:39

Very Nice, keep the good work Reid and all devs helping to this wonderful proyect. (∩_∩)☝

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