Clort [AFK Botting]

This forum is used to deal with abuse in game - abuse reports, bans etc.
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Re: Clort [AFK Botting]

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Cyrus the Great wrote: 29 Jun 2021, 07:32
Clort wrote: 27 Jun 2021, 07:00

There is a technical issue here. I could not see your messages because the default chat tab was hidden in client. This is to me, the more serious problem to address.

In other words: you have a rule that requires a player response to a message from an admin, but a client that doesn't ensure the message from admin is displayed to the player. Do you understand the problem?

Secondary is; what do you mean by 'reset'? Is some kind of penalty really appropriate when the manaplus client didn't display your messages to me? I'm not suggesting you did anything wrong enforcing the rules as written, but I need to chat with jak about how to address this problem in manaplus client.

Yes, Clort, I remember you always missed our private and also party chat notifications because of an issue with your client. Also, not being a competitive player and AFKing most of the time, while dedicating your time to sound development, I do believe that you will never bot. But the thing is, sometimes you have to be banned for another person to stay relevant after 13+ years of holding power(It is funny to realize that most of the world countries have changed 2-3 presidents ever since.)

I don't play this game in protest to the abuse of power, favoritism and targeted abuse of certain players (arguably because of their nationality, race and religion). So you can play with one of my accounts if you like, or preferably you can use my items, some of which might help you level up another account.

I expect this post to be removed, and the topic locked because criticism is something we can't have in this game, so email me and I can help you with items.

IF you are omido, I remember you saying very naughty things to some of my alts that I played back in the day. I can assure you of one thing, and that is the fact that no one gives a Chocolate Cupcake where you are from nor any other non personality related characteristic you may have. You were an asshole to my characters many many times.

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Re: Clort [AFK Botting]

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This is delving into offtopic. Clort has not requested the reset within 7 days, and the procedures themselves have been concluded, reason which, I lock this thread.

If he still desires the reset and unblock he can PM the GM Team anytime; There's no deadline for doing so.

I'll repeat only once more. This is Court House, a strict moderation forum, so anyone banned can appeal and the GM Staff can look at the case. It is not a place for discussion, chit-chat, or flamming.

Any accusation made here should also be backed up and made in its own thread.
(And yes, this rule applies to GM Staff as well)

Jesusalva (aka. Jesusaves)