BANNED? Read this first

This forum is used to deal with abuse in game - abuse reports, bans etc.
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BANNED? Read this first

Post by doorsman » 20 Jul 2009, 18:31

We have seen many players asking questions like "I was just trying to trade a friend and I got banned. Why ? Can you unban me please?"

The answers the those questions are : 1) You got banned by the server itself because it interpreted your actions as spam. That include text spam (chat), trading spam (trading another player at repetition regardless of if that player is having his trades blocked) and also magic spam (casting the same spell too many times in a short period of time). 2) We won't unban a player who got server ban for spam, basically because we have no way to know what exactly happened. And in any case, those bans are for a short duration, so if you are getting banned, just be patient and wait for the ban's duration to expire.

Thank you for your comprehension and cooperation.
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Re: BANNED? Read this first

Post by Vink » 21 Jul 2009, 17:12

If you've been banned by a GM, you can find information about what happened here:
Just click on the file from the relevant month and search for your nickname.
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