No move available

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No move available

Post by tmcx » 02 Feb 2009, 22:37


After completing the demon Mask Quest i go out of the back door.
After that i cant move i get in a place wheres no way out. Restarts dont take an effect. :|
ALT+F let me see theres nothing i can do.

Crush :P (GM) free me with teleporting to an other Place. (thx again i see since 4 days no GM on)
Additional sometimes when i use back door DM-Quest i get on other Places.


gl hf
tmcx 8) ( note: I write this for a other user)
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Re: No move available

Post by Crush » 02 Feb 2009, 22:41

I am a developer and NOT a gm. I just helped out this one time because I was ingame anyway.
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