[SOLVED] Blocked

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[SOLVED] Blocked

Post by madbad » 17 May 2009, 17:52

I've installed The mana world via yum but it gives me only the 0.0.26 version.
The client start normally but it says that the version I'm running is no more supported.

I've tried to compile 0.0.29 but it does not compile and return errors (I've opened a bug report for this: http://mantis.themanaworld.org/view.php?id=699)

So I've continued to run the game with the old version of the client (0.026) and after some time I'me now "blocked".

When this happened i was quitting the "start town" from the top of the map.
I can now go trought the "new" map but there seems to be some odd thing happening (no collision with buildings).
i'm also not able to come back to the start town.

Ps.: Sorry for me bad english, I'm from Italy.

I've been able to die and now all seems to work fine again.
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