[DIS] Pixel art tools

All development of pixel art, maps and other graphics.
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Re: Pixel art tools

Post by Landon »

I like my Fireworks.

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Re: Pixel art tools

Post by pyrestriker »

I use mtpaint for my pixel art. It's close to MSpaint, and works in Linux OR Windows.
Granted I don't develop for TMW.
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Re: Pixel art tools

Post by igneus »

I downloaded Stile (not mainly because Rotonen's testing request, but because it's small enough to fit on my small flash-disc) and I like it, especially the way how colours are selected (I would appreciate the same method to be available in GIMP). What I miss most is picking a colour without switching tool (as in GIMP: with a pencil I just press Ctrl, click and colour is picked...; in Stile one has to select Drop tool).
I like the Tab tile-testing feature and internal testing map - it makes development of tilesets really comfortable.
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Re: [DIS] Pixel art tools

Post by guadan »

almost all art programs should be able to do pixel art. In order to do so try and find the anti-aliasing (or how ever you spell it) and make sure its cut off. This will allow you to do pixel art. just make sure your canvas is relatively small that way you will have a easier time working with pixel art.

You can use photoshop , paint.net or gimp.

I use a xp-pen art tablet for sketching and blocking in colours, and I use a mouse for detail, so yes, you can do that. Battery-free stylus is very good, because it is as light as a pencil.

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