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Re: cursed item

Post by skipy »

-it will lower stats int. vit. agi. when equip ...
-250? magic damage to target with arrows..
-Cause it to go out and needing to be re-lite when the character dies(fire on head)
back to working on---> (crypt)then(player 1.5) and more. *been on hold do to my laptop being fix* any feel free to add/help. ill be up and working as soon as i can ...good luck to all.

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Re: cursed item

Post by mistergrey »

In response to Speiros: You seem to have missed the point of my idea - to say 'screw the mage and warrior classes, lets make a reason to be both at the same time'.

A mage/warrior hybrid has plenty of appeal when I think about it.
-New stat builds, in a game where everyone seems to go straight up mage, archer, or warrior.
-One problem with being warrior is that you have to put so many points into dex, vit, luck, etc to be at all effective. If a weapon used a spell to add attack, this would also probably mean, like every other spell, that it would have 100% accuracy. Hence, high strength, int, and a bit of vitality/agility and you're good to go.
-You don't need to be in full armor to survive, especially with a hybrid like this: stack some points on vitality, and that INT that warriors never use can actually be used to cast protect on you. Light armor would work, since the item would theoretically still have physical attack added.

At any rate, if peoples' first response to anything involving magic is "it favors mages, unfair", we'll never get anything done.
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Re: cursed itemS

Post by nmaligec »

A lot of interesting ideas in this semi-short thread.

First I'll ask my cursed item related questions. Can you make it so that an item cannot be unequipped until a quest or something special is done? Also can a script force equip such an item on a player?

re the hand of death: I have been thinking about this one on and off for a while. I thought maybe it could summon the ball lightning mobs that the reaper uses. I am sure that if a script could be made to summon them for the player, they would target the player's enemies. Either this is triggered like a spell; on every attack; or % chance. I will leave the details up for discussion.

re a scythe upgrade: A new scythe drop is planned for the reaper. The weapon details will have to be worked out but the basics are already done. If it is also a cursed weapon drop from the reaper, the curse will have to be decided on. It was proposed that it negates natural healing and heals by a % of damage done (a standard drain/vampire attack).

re flaming arrows: I noticed that the candle hat has since been made into part of an armour set. The flaming arrows are still up for grabs though. I would like to help get them in game. From what I can tell, the arrow graphics are attached to the bow, not the arrows. This makes it difficult to change the graphics to a flaming arrow, depending on other equipment (candle helm, or a fire-arrow). It would be VERY easy to make a fire/ice/lit bow weapon. The in game explanation is that the bows enchant the arrows they fire.
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