Idea: varying tilesets

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Idea: varying tilesets

Post by argul » 21 Aug 2010, 09:49

Hi folks,

inspired by this quest in the diamond inn where you bring him 20 cave snake lanterns.
So what might be cool is this idea:

We have different tilesets of that room.
One tileset looks like as of now.
The other tileset is a bit changed:
There are additional lanterns at the wall tiles.
The floot tiles are lighter.

So when the quest is done, I mean when you brought him the lanterns,
the tileset changes of that map, so you can see the output.

Another furthergoing idea:
We have many different tilesets, so there can be various numbers of lanterns mounted.
And as time continues, some lanterns will break/getting darker/start rotting/whatever.
So what I mean is a decrease of lanterns in ongoing time.

The quest is then global for all players:
If someone brought him just many lanterns and the room is lit up, you cannot start the quest
Or maybe you just need to bring a few lanterns, or whatever.

I consider a change of a tileset easier as the change of the map, since players could be on different maps then.
Another way to solve this problem is to set up animated tilesets, where the animation sequence can be controlled by the game. So the that there is no need to change the tileset, but just set a certain tile to a certain frame of that sequence.

Since I did only just a little bit content development(mapping), I have no idea how tricky this feature is to be implemented.

Thanks for reading, please comment on that.

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Re: Idea: varying tilesets

Post by Crush » 21 Aug 2010, 15:40

There is already a proposal for changing maps at runtime on Manaserv:

While this technical capability would open the door for a whole bunch of awesome features (construction and destruction by players, changing maps, randomly generated maps) it's nothing you can pull off on a single weekend.
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