About the Graphics for a Waterfall

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About the Graphics for a Waterfall

Post by St_Lavrionne » 10 Aug 2007, 08:38

Hey! Have you seen that Waterfall next to Taro? (The girl who takes you to Snowy Land) Where are the tilesets for do that? Or it's something different than tiles?

P.D: It's for the map i'm creating
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Post by Crush » 10 Aug 2007, 11:49

It's a particle effect.

The current version of Tiled can't place them yet. To place particle effects on a map you either need the latest developer version of Tiled or you have to edit the map file with a text editor.

I am using a text editor:
Before you can edit the map files with a text editor you have to unpack them with a packing program that can read and write .gz files (like 7-ZIP). Unpack the map file and open it with a text editor. The particle effects are defined in an "<objectgroup>" tag near the end of the file in an <object> tag for each effect on the map. Check out a map that already got particle effects for an example like new_4-1 (the bat cave). Everything you need is "type" (has to be "PARTICLE_EFFECT"), "name" (path to the effect definition file), "x" and "y" (position on map pixel-based. Multiply the map coordinates with 32 to get the correct value). Then repack it again.

Note that placing particle effects on a map should be the last step you do. Placing map objects is still an alpha feature of the developer version and i am not sure if the release version manages to keep them in the map file when you edit it a lot. It might be possible that your particle effects get lost or messed up when you continue working on the map.

Maybe you want to create particle effects on your own for your map (like a waterfall with a different width, height or orientation). For a documentation of the particle effect definition files see http://wiki.themanaworld.org/index.php/Particle_engine
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