[CPT]Bulwark - Spoilers

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[CPT]Bulwark - Spoilers

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[*]I just wanted to first say that I'm sorry I haven't done any work in a while, I probably still will not have any time until mid-week next week, or possibly until the following weekend (depending on how crazy the students drive me).

[*]Anyway, a while back I started the concept town of Bulwark as a replacement for 'Trade City', the main features of which (through pretty much an unspoken consensus) have been adapted into Port City.

Here is the wiki for Port City:
http://wiki.themanaworld.org/index.php/ ... /Port_Town

Here is the wiki for Bulwark (clever name, I know -- it can always be renamed):
http://wiki.themanaworld.org/index.php/ ... le/Bulwark

Essentially it is a wall/town that blockades central Argeas from east Argeas. The alleged purpose is to keep big-game animals out, as well as to stop trade/smuggling from the pirate port of Yenvar (yet another concept town -- replaces 'fishing village on Argeas map) into the central cities.

[*]Now to the point: If you like the idea, please expand on the concept in this thread.

What should this town look like? (Crappy, or nice/big or small)
What sort of people are here?

PS - most of my wiki's are works in progress if you decide to sift through them, they are not anywhere near complete ;)
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