behaviour of monsters

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behaviour of monsters

Post by ksso » 22 Jun 2020, 18:57


May there could something about behaviour of monster according to distance to players (indifferent, escaping, tamed), or what they are doing (attacking so they escape or not get nearby), or like slimes that get near when there are dropped items (so they could come closer awaiting for dropped items), or they could behave like herds (sorty like santa slime and reindeer slime, but with different relationships like while there is the alpha leader they move like herd or have bonus, when alpha leader dies the others change their points), or behave according to the level or the light and dark path of players, or so on


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Re: behaviour of monsters

Post by Ledmitz » 03 Jul 2020, 15:49

I'm not positive, but I think some of this is why the server is changing to Hercules. There are a lot more possibilities available than with eAthena (current server). ML(TMW2) has alpha mouboos which run in a herd. IDK what possibilities there are in eAthena and doubt that the combat will be changed at this point, but who knows? rEvolt will probably be more complex like that, though.

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