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Post by KrystalFan » 20 Feb 2010, 02:46

Personally, A Game As Simple As This, Would Be AMAZING, With Just A Simple Mining>Smelting>Forging Mechanic. It Would Be A Great Opportunity, To Create TONS Of New Armors, Easily, Using Different Types Of Metals (Copper, Iron, Steel, Ect.) And A Chance To Create Your Own Metals, To Maybe Add Some More Lore To The Game, For Towns, Caves (We Already Have Quite A Few, It Would Be A Great Place To Just Drop A Few Ore Spawning Locations Inside The Caves, We Already Have Some Miners Out In Front Of Them, Just Add Some Dialogue To State What They Were Mining For, BAM, Awesome Mining Location XD) And It'd Be A Great Way To Make Money, In Game, And Pass The Time Inbetween Quest/Grind Sessions.. Maybe, Once The Game Is In, Probably Much, Much Further Development.. Make A Minigame Out Of Mining The Ore And Stuff, So It Won't Be Just Another Grind-Fest >.>

Just My Honest Opinion, I'm Sure This Has Been Posted Before, But, I Thought At Least One Person Would Care For My Two Cents XD

(Also, Yes, I'm Aware This Would Probably Take A VERY Long Time To Put Into Game.. Maybe.. You Could Probably Make Something, Like The Herbs, And Just Do Ore, And Place Them Inside The Caves, For Now.. But, Only Like, A Pick-Axe Could Do Damage, To Them Or Something XD)

But, Yes <.< I Ramble..

TLDR: Mining/Smithing, Great Opportunity For New Items, And Armors/Weapons Lore, New Mechanics, And New Things To Do In Game, When Not Leveling, And Hanging Out XD
In Game Name: FusionUltima (Mage), And ChaosUltima (Warrior Build, My Main XD)

(゚、 。 7
 l、 ~ヽ

(08:30:43 AM) KrystalFan: This Isn't The First Time I've Bludgeoned One Of My Limbs Into Paralysis.. XD
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Re: Mining/Forging

Post by feline monstrosity » 20 Feb 2010, 15:41

I only read the TLDR bit because your Capitalising Every Word Habit makes your posts painful to my eyes. I'm not sure if a mining/crafting system is planned for later CR releases (I hope it is) but I would like to draw attention to #5 on this list: ... stems.html

If we do a mining/crafting system it should be good.
~Feline Monstrosity
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