Relocate Spawn/PVP/KTGM Events

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Where should spawn/pvp/ktgm events be?

Event-only map
Some other existing place
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Re: Relocate Spawn/PVP/KTGM Events

Post by melkior » 07 Oct 2013, 15:20

Crush wrote:When the content people would create a better leveling area somewhere else, people would soon migrate there.
And read "soon" as "two days" because that's pretty much how long it took us all to relocate once the mines had been opened. The graveyard came much later, but it just reaffirmed Hurnscald as "The place to be."
Saint Tropez
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Re: Relocate Spawn/PVP/KTGM Events

Post by Saint Tropez » 11 Oct 2013, 22:24

Hi all,

A specific place... that sound great.
With a free access by boat from all the towns.
A place like Candor.
with a shop to buy supplies (arrows at 1gp, food, water pump, hard spike...)
of course you can go there only when there is an event.

But with several entry, coz when we do the event in the evil obelisk place, its hard to go in, until high lv players move the monsters coz there is just one entry.
So they have all the exp and all the drops, its not fun for the others...
So the point is : wow i cant go in coz lot of monsters.... lets try another entry.

With a soulmenhir : no soulmenhir = you lose exp when you die and the monster die 1sec after you :( (this fact is particulary true for the low lv char).
If you do an event in a place as far as the evil obilisk place, low char take time to go there after that they die (and for sure low lv die a lot while an event), why? coz they have few agi...and they lose time by doing several long walk, while high player took everything.
ItchyDemon wrote: [...] I've seen several complaints of this in-game from low-levels (myself included) who were forced to lay dead until it was over when we were trying to do stuff.[...]
I think he trying to say you die coz a lot of monsters (yeti, fallen...), the ratio lv player/lv monster is obvious
And you have no drop coz or you die or you are too low to even think pick up something, you win no exp coz all high players kill fast or you already dead and you lost the exp you trying to have.
And when pvp come you are dead meat running to think to be alive.

So obviously this kind of event is not fun for the beginers and low char and its really hard to stay and have fun in the event when you pick up nothing.
[bah what he say??? last time while the event i pick up an holy feces acorn and i was so f**king happy]
On Land and Fire the GM do one event, but far away for the high lv and near the city for the low lv where is summoned pinkies, fluffy, herbs.. some good and interesting target for the low level.

You must understand this or take a char lv40 and try to stand in an event to see what you can have... you'll be surprise to grab nothing.
Try to be honest...of course you can grab things, but we talk about ppl who start the game for the first time...
And for those who think that Hurnscald is a good place to do an event they are just only selfish...and they think to the others low level another day.
Of course Hurnscald is a better place than the evil obelisk place.
and Evil obelisk place is a better place than Hurnscald when GMs summon a lot of different slime.

So a new place, specially designed for the event could be great.

And the dark path will rule the manaworld and finally we shall live in peace...

Have a nice day
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