discussion about the assassin items stats

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Re: discussion about the assassin items stats

Post by Travolta » 12 Dec 2015, 18:11

If a banshee archer has too much agility, it's bad for him too, because his health will simply melt. In fact, I have to limit my agility to 90, and have high vitality (75+) to comfortably play as banshee archer. I believe there are players with maxed agility thou.

About stats... We have items that give +1 to stats (rings, terra items), we have items giving +3 to stats (wizard hat, cat ears...). I was hoping we'll have some sort of necklaces to give +3 or +5 to stats, but those next-level items could also be the assassin outfit. Of course each piece of cloth should raise different stat. So what should an assassin be? Stealthy, agile, kill with 1 hit, lucky lockpicker, cast some magic (I'm influenced by TES series :-) . So gloves increase magic (because we use our hands for a lot of spells, read the spell's description), boots increase agi (we run with our feet), pants increase luck (lucky pants!), and shirt increase dex. If it's possible, wearing the full set could also give a special bonus +1 to each stat.

There should be some penalties and limitations. Items wearable for lvl80+ (so not only illia heroes enjoy the increased powers). But let's not mess with the stats, or defense (like illia items, that lower defense). Maybe lowering attack speed? (not drastically). Or being overweight all time? (the memory of your victims burdens you, assassin!).

Right now I can't talk about defense and magic attack reduction of the items, it must be thought through. Maybe something between terra items and forest armor.
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Re: discussion about the assassin items stats

Post by alefex2 » 12 Dec 2015, 19:40

i like this boots for travel around the world, why not 20% mov speed and more penalty :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: discussion about the assassin items stats

Post by Cassy » 13 Dec 2015, 15:33

IMO an assassin neither uses a bow nor magic and an assassin is a fast and accurant type of fighter.
That's why the set should give a penalty on M.Att., reduce range to 1 and increase AGI, DEX and/or LUK.
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Re: discussion about the assassin items stats

Post by Saulc » 13 Dec 2015, 16:57

Well this is my opinion about stuff and the quest.
Nysaa want to creat more stuff for her league if you help her she give you part of stuff.
Orum can creat Dark patch for 25.000Gp + 10 Spectre Powder's, +10 Wisp Powder's and + 10 Poltergeist Powder's
When you give item to Nysaa 10 Grass Snake was summon on you.

*First part of Nysaa quest located in a cave next to Snake Pit in tulimshar
Requied level 75:
cost 3 Black Cotton Gloves, 15 Red Dye's, 50 Snake Skin's. 150 Silk Cocoon's , 1 Dark patch
reward: 1 Assassin Gloves ( défence +2 / Agility +1 / M Attack -25)

*Second Part requied level 78:
Cost 3 Black Cotton Boots, 20 Red Dye's, 100 Snake Skin's. 250 Silk Cocoon's 1 Dark patch
Reward: 1 Assassin Boots (Defence +1 / Luck -1/ Move Speed +5% / M attack -10)

*Third Part requied level 84:
Cost: 3 Black Cotton Trousers, 30 Red Dye's, 200 Snake Skin's. 400 Silk Cocoon's 1 Dark patch
Reward: 1 Assassin Pants (Defence +3 / Luck -1/ Agility +2 / Move Speed +5% / M attack -15)

*Last Part requied level 95:
Cost: 3 Black Tank Top , 50 Red Dye's, 300 Snake Skin's. 550 Silk Cocoon's 1 Dark patch
Reward: 1 Assassin Shirt (Defence +10/ Agility +10 / Luck -3 / Attack Speed +10% / Melee only/ M attack -80 / requied 85 Aglility 40 Dexterity Level 91)

Well tell me what do you think about it ?

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Re: discussion about the assassin items stats

Post by Altus Institute » 14 Dec 2015, 09:54


What about these stage instead :
1st part lv40
2nd part lv50
3rd part lv60
4th part lv75-80

What is the point to have all the items when the game is almost finish?
What is the point to make them impossible to get for beginer?
While old players can make the quest and...
Making an alt lv 1 to use them to enjoy the pleasure to use good items at low level?
Give the items since the begining, that will change nothing, because at high level against strong mobs you will not use them (some few with suicidal stats will of course).

Why always impact the stats points?
there is the other part too.

mag att
mag def
% accuracy
% dodge
% critical hit
att delay
speed move

- so i see the assassin set like this :

Assassin Gloves : +5/10 accuracy
Assassin Boots : improve speed move (idk how its work, so i let for those who know)
Assassin Pants : +5 def, +15 mag att, improve att delay
Assassin Shirt : +1 range, +5%dogde
All assassin set unable to equip with banshee, bull helmet and lazurite simply.

You can use all other items with, like that current items like warlord helmet or forest bow or sorcerer robe can be improve for more pleasure in game without impacting the status point.

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Re: discussion about the assassin items stats

Post by deimos » 22 Dec 2015, 13:13

using stats that other items already have is an option too
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Re: discussion about the assassin items stats

Post by Micksha » 20 Apr 2016, 08:12

I really like the quest, it was on the test server too I suppose, but it is not anymore. What is the problem with this quest? I would like to see assassin items in game :)
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