Systeme of ranking

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Systeme of ranking

Post by Saulc » 11 Nov 2016, 22:28

Hello after speak with Wildx he told me to post my idea here.
##C[19:12] WildX: it would have to be a Manaplus feature
Well in lot of online game there is Player Rankings.
Maybe we can check our rank with some npc or directly on Manaplus support ?

We can have differents Player ranking here i made a list:
*Monsters points
*Monster kill counter
*Achievement counter (boss point)
*GM kill counter

For example if you check how many monsters you kill, you go in Monsters counters selection and you see:
You kill "X" monsters you are at "Y" place
and you can also check who are in top 100 and what is theire name and how many they kill

This point can add competition and that will force the players to play more for get more points and pleasure.

This is the only one things who look like to my idea in game. fluffie hunters
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