Last Fate-Poll about this "family member as GM"

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Last Fate-Poll about this "family member as GM"

Post by Schnurzel » 07 Nov 2008, 19:20

What's going on here? If you have an authority problem, please be so good and make it clear INTERN. :roll:

@Platyna: I'm not agree with your acting about this poll and sure not agree with this kind of question, because you miss to make the background clear, so that the result will be useless with your kind of asking.

Before some minutes was a new and better poll (from Fate) for this case (but it seems it's gone with the wind without command), so i give my answer here.
Crush wrote:....

But the real question is: What other criterias could be used to decide who should be a GM instead of personal trust? Asking the community to vote game masters just shifts the trust-based decision from the administrators to the players. And I am pretty sure that people with many personal contacts in the community would have a great advantage over those who don't.

By the way: The two new GMs, katze and vink, currently only have limited GM powers. They can ban and unban people but they can not cause irreversible interference with the gameplay (like spawning items or money). We will also try to make the game moderation as transparent as possible and we are also working on technical measures to make any kind of GM abuse next to impossible.
Thx Fate for make this Poll more clear.

To the quote of Crush: the only question should be: is the candidate a good one to be a GM or Mod. The named both for me are, because i see them often in game, helping people, be fair and friendly. For me it's not important "who is the GF of...". It's not interesting for me to get a pressreport about the privat life of "Mr. X or Mrs. Y"

So my vote goes to "yes", because i believe, it's normal to think twice which one could be a new staffmember. Best situation is: to think twice with the hole team and if the candidate is a friend/family member of an admin/mod/dev/GM it could be better, when he/she has no voice, to save discussions like now from the beginning.

Maybe the last 2 has not chosen like this, but it is a good choice, that's important for me. It's waisting time to discuss now 5 weeks if the GF of... should be a GM. It's better to discuss how to act in the future.
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Re: Last Fate-Poll about this "family member as GM"

Post by Ces » 07 Nov 2008, 19:25

Schnurzel wrote:What's going on here? If you have an authority problem, please be so good and make it clear INTERN.
As it was (re)moved, they most probably made it intern, so please wait a while before posting more about this. We will likely hear something sooner or later. :wink:

*goes to patiently sit down and read a book* 8)
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Re: Last Fate-Poll about this "family member as GM"

Post by Jaxad0127 » 07 Nov 2008, 20:08

Fate's poll was moved to a moderation area. I have yet to hear a good explanation as to why.
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