Make objects partially transparent when under them

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Make objects partially transparent when under them

Post by ville-v » 24 Dec 2008, 09:58

You can easily try this by yourself: Go to the first city, and stand right next to the wall. It will cover you competely. Press target key, most likely some monster is covered by the wall as well. You can attack it, of course, but do you know if it has dropped any loot, unless you try to pick it up?

Now imagine if that was actually a pk area, and the monster was enemy archer. Or maybe you are just hunting, and there is some random person standing next to you, covered by the wall, wildly pressing pick up key.

Maybe walls, when they are covering you, could become partially invisible so you could see what you are doing? I recall this used to happen with trees, but I might have mistaken.
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Re: Make objects partially transparent when under them

Post by Rotonen » 24 Dec 2008, 16:50

Register on our mantis, make a ticket about this, see what happens.

At least I'm behind this one, it's a major usability factor.
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