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roleplaying server

Post by KhaaL » 23 Feb 2009, 00:25

I wonder if the TMW team has any plans on either opening a RP or RPI server, alternatively make TMW more roleplay encouraging? as it is right now its pretty much a hack n slash fest. you start out with a dagger and start to genocide vermins. i'm not saying that its not fun to kill things, but grinding is a bit of turnoff to me.

with RP encouraging i'm thinking of rewarding players who make intresting characters and stories, interact with other players and get them IC, make intruiges etc... this would make TMW an alive world more than it is now. and it's a good thing to implement now as the movements are restricted to one town and pvp is disabled for now :)
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Re: roleplaying server

Post by Crush » 23 Feb 2009, 15:38

For what we are doing at the moment (client engine testing) we don't need more than one server.

But anyone is free to open his own server. All you need is a machine which is online 24/7 on a broadband connection. The software is freely available: ... up_eAthena
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