[bug] latest manaplus got lags/stutter.

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[bug] latest manaplus got lags/stutter.

Post by t3st3r » 29 May 2019, 06:49

Latest ManaPlus version ( and also current git) has developed some really weird behavior, becoming prone to very specific kind of lag/stutter, at least on TMWA.

There should be plenty of monsters chasing player. I've got most pronounced effect with fallens vs mage setup.

To reproduce:
1) - Get chased by plenty of monsters. Often that would be enough.
- Alternatively, get hit by some monsters and receive some damage while walking away from monsters swarm.
2) Keep moving away from monsters.
3) Look what happens if you trying to keep moving away from monsters.

At some point player tends to get stuck, client jumps backward (position resync).
Player's attempt to to move away fails, yet another jump happens, etc.
Overall client tends to end up exposing very jumpy behavior, jumping to "correct" position up to several times per second, likely only limited by CPU power or network. This appears to be very taxing overall, at which point things get even worse and typical result is player being chewed by swarm of monsters, being unable to escape at all due to client jumping current position here and there, provoking even more lag.

N.B. grinding through git It seems it could be related to recent changes in player position fix/sync code. Unfortunately it caused quite some fallout on TMWA to extent players advice each other not to update to new version. TMWA had no desync issues for a while - so fix actually has caused regression.
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Re: [bug] latest manaplus got lags/stutter.

Post by 4144 » 29 May 2019, 20:52

Actually tmwa have desync issue always, but it accepting any wrong moves and fixes it server side almost silently for player. Player may have some delay on actual moves or short random mob attacks.

You sure you not configured in wrong way sync distance on legacy servers?
Default is 30 tiles. This is huge desync and probably very hard to get it.
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