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Re: Items or emotes

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HaloNott wrote: 16 May 2019, 14:46 Too much coffee. :alt-0:
I like the first one (with a white mark), seems pretty detailed, but please keep in mind two things... First of, the items must be 32x32. If they're smaller or bigger than that, we'll need to resize them and it might not look nice... (emotions have the adverse side-effect that whenever we add one, ManaPlus changes emotes shortcuts and usually players doesn't like that... Emotes are 30x32. You can find them in client-data/graphics/sprites/emote.png)

Also, in case of the coffee, perspective is wrong. It looks weird when you look it with other items near them.
coffee.png (1.87 KiB) Viewed 402 times
This is a [Coffee] item, authored by Micksha and co-autored by me. I use it on another server to cure sleep and curse status ailments.

Now compare it with your glass. If you don't notice the perspective issue, try comparing with some other items, and you'll probably notice. It's difficult to describe as I'm not an artist.

Also, my favorite thus far is [Butter] :> But bread with butter didn't looked so nice imo...
...And yes, we have a cooking system on the developement server.
sandwich-carp.png (1.18 KiB) Viewed 402 times
This is a carp sandwich, composed by ONE [Lettuce Leaf], [Bread] and [Carp] items (not cooked because it is a sandwich).

If you look closely (and compare with the items ingame), you can see the [Bread], the [Carp] and the [Lettuce Leaf]. There's also [Cheese] but it gets covered by the Lettuce.

So, even if your bakery is a really nice idea and *cough cough* adding it is not difficult nor anything, and most of them looks good on their own, we have some problems when they're placed next to other items.

EJlol is an artist, he can pinpoint the issue and tell you exactly what needs to be changed on each item, but I'm not, I'm player-level*, I can only use Gimp to draw it on a storage and see if it looks weird or not. And then, butter looks somewhat OK (EJlol might still complain), but bread doesn't, for example...

I'm sure they can be improved. WildX's suggestion was to take which item you would like to see on test server first, make a thread only with this single item, and wait EJlol/Micksha/etc. feedback. Then polish this item until they say “it looks great now in our professional opinion”.
This way, it'll be faster than if they have to review a lot of items (and you know, lot of items = lot of works. When was the last time you looked at a pile of stuff to do, jumped in excitement, and went to do all of them right away? You usually get lazy just by looking, right?)

Anyway, thanks for collection, it's nice. :alt-3:

*: Even if I'm actually a dev, cough cough
PS. No problem in having 3 different bread types... We have way more IRL.
Jesusalva (aka. Jesusaves)
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Re: Items or emotes

Post by HaloNott »

I was thinking people would just pick what they liked. :alt-3:

But okay, I will select for you and make a thread too.

Couldn't resist. The portrait one was because a potion bottle meant I had to cover up the clouds with grays and shade and shine.
Portrait of Portable windy day
Portrait of Portable windy day
2019-06-21_23.05.51.png (473 Bytes) Viewed 385 times
Limes (shade technique experiment)
Limes (shade technique experiment)
2019-06-21_23.05.42.png (490 Bytes) Viewed 385 times
Witch's Tomato (shine)
Witch's Tomato (shine)
2019-06-21_23.05.33.png (480 Bytes) Viewed 385 times
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