Tester requests

This section is for the organised reporting of bugs or any sort of issues found in the test server.
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Tester requests

Post by WildX »

This thread is for people who follow TMW development to be involved in testing. Post here if there's something specific you want to test or if you want to be connected to a developer to help with testing.
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Re: Tester requests

Post by jesusalva »

Testing Wanted

REF: Pull Request #608, #601 and #607
WARN: Swamp map changed. Use client-data manually.

  • Add Chronos NPC
  • Add new entry on Evil Obelisk
  • Edit the crypt boss fights prices and rewards
  • Edit upmarmu damage
  • Change Audsbel snake tongue request
  • Sell Tomato (shows as Wumpus Egg if client-data is outdated)
  • Nerf MDEF for Poltergeist, Lightning Ball, The Lost, Witch Guard, JackO, Zombie, Fallen, Terranite, Reaper, Nutcracker, Swashbuckler, Grenadier, Anne, and Tormenta.
  • Red Corsair Day utilities and props: NO TESTING REQUIRED
  • NEW: Add Reaper2 (ID 1067) with the scythes Reid mentioned earlier (event only)
  • NEW: Fix monster points for: Giant Cave Maggot, Archant, All monsters with ID between 1110 (Angry Green Slime) and 1128 (General Razha), and all monsters with ID greater than 1144 Great Dragon.
  • NEWEST: Return of Zombie and JackO on Graveyard
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