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Server News

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This is an experiment where the goal is to automatically update a forum post every time a new is published.

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17.2 Interlude in Red

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» 17.2 Interlude in Red

Welcome to TMW-2: Moubootaur Legends!

By playing you agree and abide to the Terms of Service, available at:
Last ToS update: 2021-09-15

A Night in Red got delayed, and this is an interlude! Laura was only slightly
tweaked thus far. This interlude has more hints and tips, and fix bugs on Aurora
as well as rewording several stuff. Realm of Drops skill was added: Now
you'll get warranted drops as you kill monsters, reducing the effects of PRNG.
Kreist Daily Quest was entirely reworked, and defeating a boss now plays
out a fanfare (but only some boss!) Boss Raid and Dream Towers events were
tweaked. You need less intelligence to learn magic. Connor is more
generous giving coal. More drops for mobs above level 100. Iced Bottle now
heals a tiny bit. These Quality of Life changes makes an Interlude in Red.

Ready to become a Moubootaur Legend now?
TMW2 Team

We want to express our gratitude here to Woody, Sharli and Povo, for sponsoring this server.
We would also want to kindly thank jak1 and the GermanTMW Team for
their sponsorship and help.
And by last, our gratitude to every developer and contributor who made this

Translators are always welcome.
Our Staff will never ask for your password. You are the sole responsible for
its safety! You can contact a GM with @request or calling one at #world.

Enjoy gaming, and leave feedback!

-- Your TMW2 Team
October 2022

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