Upcoming scheduled maintenance

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Upcoming scheduled maintenance

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A maintenance with extended downtime (estimated to last 90 minutes) is scheduled, but precise date and time is not yet decided ─ I will likely need to wake up at 2 am for this one and stay awake until about 4 am, which is not something easy to predict (specially given I'm not an early person at all; I might oversleep). Possibly a Friday─Saturday, though.

So if everything is down on Sept 8th/9th night, or in any Friday/Saturday within September, that's why. The UTC time estimate is 05:00 ─ 07:00 UTC but I make no promises about not starting earlier or starting later (including if it happens during a busy hour). As I said, I'll wake up in the middle of the night to conduct this maintenance.

During this maintenance, all services hosted in Dezilaromed will be unavailable. This includes:

  • Mana Launcher

  • TMW Classic

  • TMW rEvolt

  • The Crossroads

  • Forums

  • Wiki

  • Websites, except for tmw2.org, moubootaurlegends.org and germantmw.de

There'll be no interruption to Moubootaur Legends infra (but if you're using the Mana Launcher, you'll also be unable to login). Mana Spheres, Source of Mana, our git instance, update servers, IRC/Discord/Matrix channels, status page and Manaverse homepage will remain up and not be affected by this.

Maintenance summary:

1. Downgrade VM capacity and replace the hard drive disk with a solid state disk.

It is possible to the maintenance fail, be postponed, take longer, finish before the scheduled (including gross overestimates, such as taking half of the expected time!), etc. In any case, this maintenance will be carried out, without fault, during September. So if we somehow reach 30/09 and it wasn't carried out yet, you can rest assured it'll be carried out by then.

No actual negative performance impact is expected ─ the estimate is to spare about 600 USD/yearly from the Microsoft Azure Sponsorship grant, even with the SSD replacement. If anything, we expect to TMW Classic work slightly better, as it is disk-intensive and it'll be moved to a SSD.

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