Santa bug

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Santa bug

Post by quietlyquietly »

(Alexdyne) Found a Santa bug standing by the corner of the Hurnscald Inn, at the portal to that GM area.
When asked he said, You found me, Report me to staff.

Thats another thing I cannot figure out how to do.
Figuring out what his coordinates are, is another thing.

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Re: Santa bug

Post by ThinkSome »

:) staff made that bug :D :D

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Re: Santa bug

Post by jesusalva »

EarlyChristmasThisYearJKJKJK.jpg (30.12 KiB) Viewed 542 times

Jokes aside, yes, we need to restart the server to clear up some transient objects ─ like Santa ─ and that's a reminder for us as we keep postponing that...

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