What's settled - What's open to discussion.

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What's settled - What's open to discussion.

Post by zox » 08 Feb 2007, 05:43

Although I've read the wiki pages that seemed applicable, it's still not clear to me where this project is going.
(And I don't know what "like [insert product here]" amounts to.)

Here's a quick example:
. . Can we assume that current base sprites and tile sizes are going to be around long enough to bother producing more graphics for?
(I think so, but someone could be rewriting the engine for all I know.)

A more important matter:
. . Games like this invariably follow the same underlying model - one about which I have opinions and alternative ideas.
Proposals I have seen are mainly extension of the existing mechanism into more stats and slots.

Are the devs and community already content with this model?

I don't wish to make contributions that are ultimately unwelcome or irrelevant.

One project that I recall making its direction and principles very clear to everyone was "Battle for Wesnoth".
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Post by Rotonen » 08 Feb 2007, 08:50

We're in the process of cleaning up and defining things on that scale now that the technical side of the project has progressed far enough that it'll actually make sense.

Feel free to help.
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