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Post by Gonzalo » 23 Nov 2005, 22:20

I tried to register a new user here, using Debian GNU/Linux Stable (Sarge), after re-creating my config.xml file, and saw the same error. After registering a new user (temp002, in case you want to check if it was indeed registered) and selecting the server, it crashed with the same error you reported:

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Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)
But, with my former config.xml, this didn't happen. So I started looking for diferences, and they all seem to be related to video settings. OpenGL and so.
In short, setting hwaccel to 1 solved the problem, at least here. You might want to try ;), and maybe this helps fixing whatever bug is happening.

Some additional information: I've been fooling around with temp* users to perform these tests... I'm pretty sure I used temp001, temp002, temp003 and temp010. You may want to delete those :oops:.
Also, I'm using the DRI trunk version of Xorg, since XFree does not provide Direct Render for my video card (ATI Mobility, Mach64 chipset).

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System.out.println("Java Developer");
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Post by AoH » 24 Nov 2005, 08:46

Perfectly work with

3.7 ghz
3.7go ram
160 hdd

XP home edition + SP2
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Post by maxual » 03 Dec 2005, 01:00

ok uh i just tried going on the last version, and i was able to make a character and log in and everything
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Post by Matt » 05 Dec 2005, 18:26

Should work now with the latest cvs version.
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