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Post by krismichael » 31 Jul 2004, 02:53

Well I guess since Elven is on vacation I'll direct any questions I have to you and Sull.

I'd don't time right now to poke around the source so I appologize if I ask the occasional Newbee question about what's happening in the backend.

I am a long since retired C and Java programmer (sticking to only web-safe languages these days like XML, PHP, JavaScript, HTML) so feel free to answer my questions using techno-bable. I'm just trying to get a sense for what has already been done and how we can go about getting graphics into what has already been done.

By the way as my first question, what is being used in the way of ALLEGRO?
It's not my fault I'm new here! :)
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Post by ElvenProgrammer » 08 Aug 2004, 22:15

What does you mean? What ALLEGRO is needed for or what will replace ALLEGRO?
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