Art Challenge: NPC Poses + NPC Dress = Lots of NPCs

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Re: Art Challenge: NPC Poses + NPC Dress = Lots of NPCs

Post by Wombat » 04 Jul 2011, 13:14

Okay, a few things:

Art poses are now an art priority request that goes with Thermin. All regular Thermin NPCs will use this style, mixed with other previously developed ones.

Amended Guidelines:

South facing, must match the hairstyles already made for the player sprite, must not alter the face (altered faces can be made as accessories + facial hair, eye glasses and other head gear items not commonly found on the player sprite). Accessories, like clothing, should be made recolorable when possible.

Though I initially requested groups of 5, I'm removing this requirement and the Art Director (poison ivy) will determine when a pose is ready to be added to our client-data. Before a pose can be released, it would, of course, need at least one set of clothing made with it.

Pose concepts to think about, more can be added to help artists brainstorm their pose stances: excited, grumpy, official, guard, concerned, apathetic, inquisitive
Current character is "Abolish".
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