[FUSION] [DIS] TMW data merge & the economy

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Keep everything or burn everything?

Migrate as much data as possible
Migrate the bare minimum and compensate the players (see compensation thread)
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Re: [FUSION] [DIS] TMW data merge & the economy

Post by SDN » 18 May 2019, 03:10

I'm back! Whoa! So the whole migrating thing was started just right after I took a break. Awesome! XD

Anyway, I don't mind to start all over new but I vote for migrating user item data with account bound and/or adjusted stats if needed. The strongest item from tmw should have an equal stand against the strongest item in evol, avoiding unobtainable OP item or mock-able junk in the new environment. Their price and availability, however, can be tricky. Making them unobtainable but trade-able at very low price in game may just encourage some player to sell them offline (you know those kind of player exist, right?), and it will be an economy "time bomb" for evol in the future. Making them available through a quest at very high price may cause inflation wave in evol's economy. One possible solution its making them available through a costly quest or very rare drops from bosses for current evol players but the item is account bound (non trade-able) for both. That if evol have or accept the non trade-able item such as that, as they may have to adopt that system to their current highly valuable items too to keep the gameplay balanced.

As for player's stats, it's a must. Give tmw player their stats and skill points for their current level equal to evol system (ex: if evol use different skill system). I'm noob, but it would be sad to see if tmw's old timers forced to be a noob too in front of evol's players. :mrgreen:
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Re: [FUSION] [DIS] TMW data merge & the economy

Post by t3st3r » 18 May 2019, 16:55

Translating levels is probably hardest to achieve and most perilous. Furthermore, TMW gameplay is extremely unbalanced. If someone doubts, as edge case, feel free to grab warrior and then have fun challenging archers or mages in pvp, this should get the very clear idea on balancing. Don't forget to report win vs lose score. And wouldn't it make sense to level once more to get feeling of new battle system? So speaking for myself I wouldn't insist on this part.

Furthermore, beyond main levels there're many others. Be it "magic XP" or focusing skills. Unless I'm nut, new server is meant to use e.g. magic based on "skills" (native to *athenas) rather than TMW's ad-hoc implementation. So in at least some points it could be there could be no 1 to 1 translation. Speaking for myself I wouldn't insist on that part and wouldn't mind leveling skills/level/etc if that helps getting gameplay more sanely balanced.

But items and TMW art overall... what TMW successor it would be without having TMW look and feel in at least some places?
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