Rein, skellington, error, rags

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3. Each poll has to be done according to the schema (yes has to be first option and no the second):
"Do you agree for person X to become a GM?"
You are supposed to allow only one option per user and allow revoting.
You are supposed to pick "run for 0 days".
4. A person suggested has to collect at least 45 votes (or more) for yes, with minimum 75% for yes and maximum 25% for no (3:1 ratio).
5. A person suggested may request closing of the topic.
6. Only posts containing valid pros and cons are allowed in the threads, discussions however are not allowed. For discussions about particular case use Player Talk forums.
7. If a person collects the required votes, a supplied evidence will be analyzed by the other GMs and developers.
8. However, final decision is still our.
9. If many persons will gain required voices, voice count will matter.
10. The amount of GMs to pick in certain time line will be determined by the TMW Committee (GMs and developers).
11. Persons rejected due lack of free positions will be put on hold till any position becomes available (according to vote count).
12. A person successfully passing this procedure will be given "Junior GM" rights for a certain period, and then will be granted full GM rights.
13. Usual GM choosing criteria and guidelines still apply, persons not meeting those criteria will be rejected and will have their thread closed.
14. Sockpuppeting will be detected and all accounts, including the master's one will be banned forever without warning. There is one vote per person, and a person means a human being not a forum account.
15. If this forum will turn into a flame war cave, people posting here will act unreasonably and will break the rules on massive scale, forum will be closed down. So use it wisely.
16. If you don't know a person suggested, it is better to find out who is s/he and what they do before voting, do not vote "no" just because you don't know someone.
17. State EXACT player name that clearly identify a person (in game or on forums - precise which one it is).
18. After a candidate receives required amount of votes, the poll is closed, a candidate reviewed by the TMW Committee and asked (or not - in case of valid objections) to become a GM.
19. You need to have at least 20 posts to participate in the polls.
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Should rein be a GM?

Total votes: 21
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Wannabe President
Wannabe President
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Rein, skellington, error, rags

Post by TeZeR.D » 03 Sep 2016, 00:33

Very active, forever present, and fair.

Reasons to vote for rein:
  • Forever present in many places
    Active a lot of the time
    Has a keen understanding of management from previous experiences
    Fair, equal and very cool headed
    Can be firm
    Also, *allegedly* at least a 9/10 (don't ask)
Reasons not to vote for rein:
  • *error 404: not found*
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Bob Stone
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Re: Rein, skellington, error, rags

Post by Bob Stone » 03 Sep 2016, 18:00

Vote yes if you like pizza
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Re: Rein, skellington, error, rags

Post by WildX » 11 Sep 2016, 19:54

Voted yes, good luck.
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