cuoco for GM

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cuoco for GM

Total votes: 36
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cuoco for GM

Post by jesusalva »

cuoco is a noob who even had his nickname misspelled as couco on forums before we fixed that!! :lol:

But even so, he is a good player even having a lot of alts, a bot, and being a noob. Who said GMs must be pros anyway, they must be active, right? :P

He actually wants to be a GM to make weekly spawn parties, which used to happen when Nitay was staff and Hello is trying to do but not always with success and usually late in the night.

I hope he or someone who knows him better can make a better defense.

To be honest, I wanted to recommend Pingo because I trust better his judgment. But I'm not sure if Pingo would have enough time for GMing. Which is why I'm putting cuoco's name forward.

Remember: GMs are elected for their judgment, as most rules are applied at GMs discretion. Their primary role is enforcement and representation.
jesusalva wrote:11 Apr 2022, 21:24 Vote YES if you think he would be a good GM.
Vote NO if you don't think so.
Abstain if you don't think you know them well enough.

And let TMWT deal with gritty details like having 200 GMs in a game of 20 players :lol:

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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by Søren »

From my perspective, TMW currently has very few people active in the game, so here is one more way to thank you for the good deeds and words you have shared with me in the game.

I sincerely hope you don't get an ego boost and always act on the basis of people's needs and the said bad rules. :)

In advance, I will be anxious to see you soon as GM, if not, I will be willing to ask Ginosuper to be given a chance.
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by President007 »

I vote yes, keep going cuoco
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by ginosuper »

We need more active staff, especially staff that care about the players.

Cuoco cares about the players and is a nice and well respected member of the TMW community. Cuoco is also very active, and imo would be a great addition to the TMW Team.

More spawn parties? I like that. It brings the community together, which is important.

I vote yes :)
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by Ledmitz »

There's not enough Gms and we need more. I certainly have no objections as long at he always votes the same way I do. XD. JK... I'm sure he will be a GM here now. I better be nice. Big hearts and kisses to cuoco! haha

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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by Dreid »

Hm, I don't know cuoco as much as I wanted to.
But the little time I spent with him, he was very kind and respectfull.

So my vote will be yes, we really need an active gm, and a GM with time to deal with newbie, or even the Old Noobs as me lol.
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by Okurwieniec »

He is my friend i will rule then muahaha !
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by mifritscher »

"Your vote has been counted" :-)

cuoco for president! Eh, GM :-D
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by Sub Owns »

cuoco for GM, let's go!
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by DarKSlderS »

Super support cuoco for Guild Master, it will prosper for the server community.
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by pvcarlos7 »

I don't forget to comment LOL
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by BobSongs »

No one's perfect. A fun & friendly GM who takes the game seriously enough to give it the respect it deserves along with the good natured side of a player GM who loves the game is valuable!
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by Ecuador »

I voted yes 'cause he's been friendly to me.
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by Lunar_r »

I voted yes,because He is helpful and kind to me :)
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Re: cuoco for GM

Post by Raffe »

polite, very helpfull and a good player too - its a yes from me also ;)