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Re: Swords

Post by i » 06 Jan 2007, 09:08

sixpointnine wrote:I really like the sun sword, but it looks a lot like the end of a Halberd from Runescape. I could make a pixelart version of them if you want.

Btw, why not just name the sword Solaris or Supernova?
I have never seen Runescape, sorry. In case of pixelart - dont get me wrong, but I dont want your pixelart version. I saw your candy cane sword, and honestly I dont like it.

Solaris - used by Sun Microsystem, and it's a title of one Stanisław Lem's book
Supernova - supernova smells like yet another hellish pirate stuff bittorent tracker.

LEGOLAS: that have to be two handed swords, there is no other option.
TARM: hold in middle is just additionall support in fight
ROTONEN: As allways u r right, THNX man!
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Post by Matt » 06 Jan 2007, 13:10

Supernova is a really nice graphical adventure for 286 pcs :)

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Post by Tarm » 06 Jan 2007, 17:27


You'll lose a lot more reach than that if you think about it for a bit. Also you couldnt really use it as a sword. More like a short bladed staff or something.

How and why did I start this discussion? I should have known better. ;)
All I want is a little realism and as I've said before, I'm not fond of manga type equipment.

Keep up the good work i. Dont mind me to much, I'm a bit on the negative side most of the time.
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