What type of trading system to implement?

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Which do you prefer?

Current (Player to Player)
Auction (Database full of items users have posted)
Stalls (Players create their own mobile stores)
Other (Suggestions)
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Post by twilight » 30 Dec 2007, 09:41

I like the Stalls idea, but I also like the Auction House idea. :?
Maybe we could have both?

If we have stalls then we need a marketplace map. Like "Barter Square" in Deicide Online. If was accessable through the warehouse NPC of any town. You talk to the warehouse NPC and click on "Trade Map" and you instantly are teleported to "Barter Square". We would need something along those lines.

If we have an Auction house then we need each town/village to have a Auction House NPC of its own.
This way, if you need to go train and level, but you want your items to sell, you can do both without worry. And no matter where you are there's always somewhere nearby that has the Auction House.
Once an item is put in the Auction House it is taken out of the character's inventory and placed in the Auction House listings.
The listings would be organized by item name.
So when people access the Auction House they choose the item they are looking for, then they look at the listings from other players.

-Auction House
-------Short Sword
----------Listing #1
----------Listing #2
----------Listing #3
-------Green Present
----------Listing #1
----------Listing #2
-------Forest Bow
----------Listing #1
----------Listing #2
----------Listing #3
----------Listing #4

Something like that. Just without the hyphens. It would be like when you choose to "Explore" a folder in Windows and it gives you a folder tree. The idea I'm going after is the folder tree.

EDIT: Ah, the power of spellcheck. lol
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Post by Bjørn » 03 Jan 2008, 16:17

Note that several trading mechanisms that can live in parallel have already been described in the dynamic economy article: http://wiki.themanaworld.org/index.php/ ... omy_system

I've added the link to this article from the Trade one.
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