[WIP] Some Monster Proposals

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Re: [WIP] Some Monster Proposals

Post by fraeuleinwunder » 18 Apr 2009, 12:18


I'm glad you like it but I agree with the need to make a spritesheet first. ;) I'm currently working on the fly (well, easier things first ;)) and some other stuff, but I also considered making the cat a statue..
Perhaps not a monster, but I thought it might fit in the village of Saltern, like some sort of NPC-Sphinx that speaks in riddles.

I also like the idea of Alxe, sounds cool. :) I can vividly imagine how it could look more stone like first, then vibrate, crumble it's stony skin off and get after the player (tough thing to animate, though :D)

Well, I'm working on these and look what I can do, but it could take a while.

(Until then it might be possible to actually put it in the game and as soon as the sheet is complete, they awake to life (announced as a consequence to misbehaviour of the players like not speaking English on public chat or botting ;)). Would be creepy. (But sounds a bit far off. ;))
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