Price of Death!

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Re: Price of Death!

Post by Jumpy » 26 Aug 2009, 15:31

of course as always you're right :)

so following the idea you get back your vitality max level as you fight and stay alive why not like a certain increase number of % in exp
you make 10 % withour diing and you come back to your previous stat level of vit ?

numbers stated here are just example

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Re: Price of Death!

Post by tapion » 26 Aug 2009, 21:21

Demonoid wrote:TMW would still be a happy place but more interresting if death has some negative side-effects.
For example in Runescape if you die as a PKer you'll loose all and if not you'll keep 3 things, that's a lil' bit hard I think.
That idea wont be good.I play runescape too but going in dangerous places scares me :roll: .I play tmw more only for that because losing any item (warlord plate for example) costs 100k for 1 death.And we cant say that tmw can have it like runescape because in tmw some monsters can kill you with 1 hit.I think it is better to dont touch this thing in tmw because in tmw is easy to die.
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