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Post by Modanung » 17 Jun 2005, 09:25

Maester Pixel wrote:I just wanted advice, no feedback on whether or not I should change it, an I got what I wanted, I'm satisfied.
I still don't see the big difference between advice, feedback and people's opinions. They're all guidelines that you may or may not take in acount in your work.
Maester Pixel wrote:If Rotonen meant interjunctions and not interjunction (forms that express feelings), then I apologize for misconcepting what he said earlier.
Rotonen wrote:Allow more complex interjunctions.
That's what he said.
Maester Pixel wrote:That picture was just their to refer that I was heading off-topic, I was being sarcastic, besides it has nothing to do with tmw (not that I know of), it just happens to be something I fancy, nothing more. Thanks for the complement though.
Ok, I thought it stood on it's self, and that you were refering to your reaction on something you thought to be off-topic. Another communication error. :P
Maester Pixel wrote:
Modanung wrote:You seem slightly frustrated, correct me if I'm wrong... Looks like it's because of communication errors.
To be honest, slightly, I mean you would be to if you saw this ruckus.
I don't think anyone said anything frustrating or insulting to you so far.
But feel free to be frustrated. :)
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