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Post by imorgado » 23 Feb 2005, 04:01

Kyokai wrote:That seems difficult to implement from a technical standpoint... Specific battlefields are easy enough to do, but moving boundaries are far harder. You run into problems like: what happens when a kingdom runs out of territory altogether? Before we start working on this, we're going to need the complete world map anyway.

Also, hostile political systems like that can make player characters who don't want to be caught up in the wars uncomfortable outside of their home countries. Just a thought.
In UO the safe zone are marked with a SINGLE Attribute.

But I didn't remember.

We are able to set the safe zones, very similar to html image maps.
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Post by Kyokai » 16 Mar 2005, 05:53

Updates in the PVP section of the Wiki. Check out our current PVP model, and give some feedback.http://themanaworld.sourceforge.net/wiki/?PVP
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Post by HaLLanHype » 29 Mar 2005, 07:11

on the game Conquer Online pvp is enabled everywhere. You can turn it on or off (so you dont kill someone accidentally) also around all towns or mines or places like that their are guards who are superpowered and if you kill someone in their sight they rip you up lol

also in places out of town they roam around and will do the same

they also kill monsters near them but you wouldnt want that
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Post by Authoritive Anarchy » 05 Apr 2005, 03:54

I dont know if this has been said, and im too lazy to check the date of the last post but here goes. Ive been on some RO servers with alterations. I find the PK everywhere but town has a lot more of a population to it. Its awsome too becuase when theres pk outside, you can have certain bylaws, like no killing people in novice state(unless they are a powerful super novice, in that case waste those mofos). because when theres no pk, people can say feces to other people who are stronger, and not pay the conciquence. I love the Idea of Pk arenas though.
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