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Post by o11c » 07 Feb 2015, 03:14

I feel that I am no longer able to uphold my obligations under my sense of professional ethics. See the ACM code.

In particular, I cannot deal with:
  • A lack of due caution when using with dangerous tools.
  • Failure to respect and enforce the rules we agreed to, or even the idea of rules at all.
  • Failure to maintain community standards that are welcoming to all newcomers, and instead glorifying trolls and hatred.
  • Lack of transparency and documentation on the internal workings of the GM team, despite numerous requests over 2 years.
  • Far too much eagerness to perform personal attacks instead of productively approaching problems.
  • Sometimes, problems are handled by attempting to harmfully exploit loopholes, instead of having a discussion about the dangers first.
As such, I resign from the TMWC, effective immediately. Any future crises are not my problem. Good luck.

Besides my organizational permissions (ssh, forum, atcommand, wiki, github, SPI), which I am now beginning to give up, I also hold two things personally:
  • The `elanore` IRC bot. I am willing to give control over this to whoever is most fitting.
  • The o11c/attoconf repository, which is used by tmwa's to implement the standard `./configure` interface.
I will also make sure that any local WIP on any repos is pushed to a branch, then leave my repositories untouched indefinitely.


I long sought to continue working for TMW despite the cost to my mental, physical, and financial health, because I very much hate leaving a job undone. But the cost is only increasing, and I no longer feel welcome at all.

TMW is poison. Getting rid of Platyna could have been the start of something great, but instead we simply found others to turn against.

Edit: for some reason I can't remove my SSH keys from USER=tmwserver, all other permissions that I know about have been dropped.
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Re: Resignation

Post by Matt » 07 Feb 2015, 10:18

So much drama.
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Re: Resignation

Post by MadCamel » 07 Feb 2015, 12:48

Genuinely sad to see you go. I get where you're coming from though.

Thank you for everything you've done for TMW and I wish you well in future projects. Not everything is as hard to deal with as TMW.
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Re: Resignation

Post by Platypus » 07 Feb 2015, 13:41

I told you o11c that you do not fit leader position, you are a good programmer and you should stay a good programmer. This is not easy to lead international community, but i managed to do so for many years. Most of you never done so, so you thought that I am just evil and you could do better than me, it is proven wrong. Therefore the persons who are now in power over the TMW files should think, if they can overcome their power crave for the good of the project. I can accept TMW back under my administration. However I am seriously ill, so there should be the persons who can take my duties. However I arranged the legal issues that would come up in case of my long hospitalisation or death to ensure the continuity of Platinum project.


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Re: Resignation

Post by Cassy » 08 Feb 2015, 21:10

It's sad that this is the outcome.
o11c thank you for everything you have done for TMW.
Yes, I was criticizing you too for the latest events but you were/are still a friend and have done a lot for this game.
I wish you the very, very best, you're a good person :alt-3:

o11c wrote:The `elanore` IRC bot. I am willing to give control over this to whoever is most fitting.
I have absolutely no idea how to host such a bot.
wushi pretty please? :alt-7:
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Re: Resignation

Post by wushin » 08 Feb 2015, 22:14

Aye, o11c can send the bot to MadCamel or myself.
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