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#146619 by wushin
Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:49 pm
Release v2015.2.3 Is live Thank the dev team for the help!
#146788 by wushin
Sat Feb 07, 2015 10:52 pm
Small release v2015.2.10 coming monday

  • Fix Selim
  • Clean up Kaizei maps a bit for new set
  • Add missing part to candor broadcast
  • bugfix pauline
  • Don't show barrier message once Orum quest is complete
  • Small typos and map clean-up

Server-data changes

Client-data changes
#146875 by wushin
Mon Feb 09, 2015 5:32 pm
release v2015.2.10 live.
#147427 by gumi
Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:49 am

This week's release is again a small release as we focus our efforts on fixing bugs to move to a new server software in the near future.

  • The towel now tells you the cooldown time
  • Candide has more personality (and his code is radically changed)
  • A previous update made the forest bow quest impossible to complete. This is now fixed
  • The global announcements of several NPCs have been fixed to work better with manaplus
  • Candor now has a bank!
  • Garçon is renamed to Garcon to fix a Unicode problem
  • Lots of bug fixes for better compatibility with Hercules-Evol (or Evol-Hercules or tmw-Hercules or whatever wushin calls it)
  • The dye/bleach system is no longer vulnerable to the contributor shirt, beret or any other kind of exploit

This release can be tested on the test server and is expected to go live on "Tuesday afternoonish server time"
#148087 by gumi
Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:37 pm
This update is a combination of 2 releases and on the live server.

release v15.4.20
  • Spam warnings will now appear in General chat tab
  • Players can now use @pvp to enter pvp mode which allows to attack other players in pvp mode. Basically it's pvp from any map with anyone(if they have it enabled) at any time.
  • The gm commands @killer and @killable have been removed in favor of @charpvp
  • GMs can now increase and decrease the rate at which exp is obtained
  • The chest in the Illia quest now displays the correct item. (a bug previously made it always display bull helm)
  • Log Heads, Snails, Pinkies, Butterflies, House Maggots and Squirrels are (a little) more balanced
  • The fight club is now fixed
  • The well in Nivalis has been revamped

release v15.5.04
  • Various updates to the dialog of, well, various npcs.
  • Quest log for candor island quests
  • New gm command @npc
  • Sex can now be changed without being disconnected
  • New constable in Hurnscald

For full changelog:
https://github.com/themanaworld/tmwa-se ... 0...master (tmwa-server-data)
https://github.com/themanaworld/tmwa-cl ... 2015-03-10 (tmwa-client-data)
https://github.com/themanaworld/tmwa/co ... 8...master (tmwa)
#148287 by gumi
Sun May 17, 2015 6:55 pm
release v15.4.18
  • Candor is fixed
  • Quest log entries for the well quest, baktar, cindy/angela, and one third of the blue sage quest.
  • The GM Lounge is now more cozy
  • Fixed typo in constable bob's dialog
  • Some syntactical modifications to the game rules
  • Added Chinese and Russian translations to the game rules, updated French rules
  • Fixed the bug that displayed @@ in some npcs
  • Deprecate the debug npcs (on test server) in favor of the #debug spell
  • The MOTD is now sent to the General chat tab instead of Debug

release v15.4.19
  • You can now see the hp of mobs
  • You can now see the attack range of mobs
  • You can see the walk path of mobs (turn on the "ultra" map by pressing F once)
#148553 by wushin
Wed Jun 24, 2015 6:11 pm
Release v2015.06.30

TMWA server
  • Don't count hidden players on with getmapusers()
  • Don't segfault on multiple map servers
  • impliment title, music, npcactions and map masks.
  • change npctalk to allow a target
  • Pvp enhancements and door warp bug fix.
  • Builds under gcc5

TMW Game
  • Fix Blue Sage Quest for repeating
  • Dialogue changes
  • Make warp towel honor no warp and no teleport flags
  • Tonori area Quest logs
  • Updated the gm command list in client
#148860 by wushin
Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:18 am
Release: v2015.08.17

  • Fix Broken Nick Issue
  • Change write to send
  • Mob Movement

  • More Broken Nick Issue
  • Fix Mob Spawning in Nivalis
  • Fix redoable Astral Skill quest
  • Well quest rewritten
  • Selim the dyer and Bowler hat fix
  • Bank dialogue typo

  • Krukan Typo fix
  • Red/White Sorcerer Robe typo

  • Remove emote
#149384 by wushin
Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:31 am
Release v2015.9.15

  • Pink Flowers and White Bells should spawn bee more often
  • All mobs removed from GM island so GMs can seed the island with spawns better
  • Max Cash in for Daily quests
  • Fixed bug with Nivalis Well Quest

  • Mylarin Dust typo
  • fix elf nightcap for bald head/hairstyle
  • Tonori Area Quest Log
#149419 by wushin
Fri Sep 04, 2015 7:41 pm
New ManaMarket features online today.

!lastseen <nick> - Show when <nick> was online the last time.

!mail <nick> <message> - Send a message to <nick>.
#149730 by gumi
Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:10 pm
This release brings bug fixes for long-standing bugs, along with some improvements.

  • The broken attack path detection is fixed
  • The "mob freeze on death" bug is fixed
  • The "mob freeze on warp" bug is fixed
  • The summon+leave trolling will no longer. Now when you summon mobs and leave they will just become normal passive monsters
  • The pumpkins no longer kill an innocent player if the person that killed the pumpkin is missing. This is the same bug that caused innocent people to be banned with the caretaker's wife
  • The frillyar farming crash is fixed
  • You can no longer use the following ASCII characters in char names when registering a new char: `!`, `:`, `%`, `/`, `@`
  • Some Tonori area quests now now have (placeholder) quest log entries

http://git.io/vcsTu (client-data)
http://git.io/vcskv (server-data)
http://git.io/vcskr (TMWA)

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