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#149734 by t3st3r
Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:59 pm
[*] You can no longer use the following ASCII characters in char names when registering a new char: `!`, `:`, `%`, `/`, `@`
Tested and works, but there're already playes using names with these characters used. I can remember some chars named like /\/\arto, etc. And why these particular chars are bad?
#149735 by gumi
Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:02 pm
t3st3r wrote:but there're already playes using names with these characters used.
Wushin will convert those names.

t3st3r wrote:And why these particular chars are bad?
Because 4144 decided those characters are now illegal and made manaplus hide messages coming from players that has one of those banned characters in its name
#149737 by t3st3r
Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:39 pm
meko wrote:Wushin will convert those names
But there could be no unique conversion?
Because 4144 decided those characters are now illegal and made manaplus hide messages coming from players that has one of those banned characters in its name
Really odd idea to my taste :alt-2:. And on side note... if nobody restarted test server in past ~30 minutes, you may want to check logs. I messed up with some really odd char names and at the end server stopped responding and map server got unavailable for a while. If nobody restarted it at this time it can be crash or so.
#149738 by gumi
Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:48 am
t3st3r wrote:Really odd idea to my taste :alt-2:.
Actually there's a reason: if a char name begin with one of those characters then you might accidentally write a command while saying a player's name. Like if I make a char called /disconnect and someone says /disconnect how are you? it will disconnect them from the server. That is an extreme example but it still make sense to disallow those characters.

/ = manaplus command
@ = gm command
% = test command (commands that are made for and work only on test server)
! = bot command
? = help command (ie: write ?about)

the colon (:) is not allowed because manaplus use this as a separator (nickname : message)

t3st3r wrote:But there could be no unique conversion?
I don't know how wushin will handle name conversion. I think he will ask the players what new name they want and if he can't reach them he will put a placeholder name and allow them to change their name once in the future.
#150233 by wushin
Sat Nov 21, 2015 5:28 pm
Release 2015.11.23

  • Fix Golbenez allowing unlimited soul turn in
  • Fix Flowering spawning
  • Lower prices on Razha & Terrogan
  • Make format (corrects script formatting)

  • Add missing block-ids for M+
  • Quest Log typos fixed
  • Dark Petal text corrected
  • Add auditorium to GM island

  • Warps can't have names
#151677 by gumi
Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:24 pm
Release v2016.01.19 v2016.02.02 v2016.02.09
(sorry for the delayed release)

/!\ This release will change your hairstyle. You can change it back by talking to the barber in Tulimshar, or Jessie in Candor.
/!\ If you are experiencing problems, please first update your ManaPlus client before reporting

You can now choose male, female or non-binary (third gender) genders. Sex change is now free and the barbers can now perform sex change surgery too (must be painful). All new characters will now start with the third gender per default and it can be changed while talking to Sorfina. All npcs (and mobs, including Luvia) are now using the gender-neutral character model. All npc dialogs have also been made gender-neutral when referring to the player. All characters on an account can now have a separate gender.

Character Creation
Character creation has been moved in-game. You can now only choose a name on the character creation screen. The stat sliders are locked (and might be hidden in future ManaPlus versions) and the stats should now be assigned by the player in-game. All new characters start with the third gender and a random hair style and color. Sorfina will ask you what gender to use and you can later change your hair and gender by talking to uncle Jessie. The bug (human error, actually) preventing the creation of a character with spaces in the name has been fixed.

The Small Details
  • The Great Typo Hunt continues, with some more sentences fixed in this release
  • The towel cooldown has been reduced to 20 minutes
  • Other towels will no longer be removed from your inventory upon using one
  • The rubber bat now has a 2 second delay
  • The Sanguine Vault bartender no longer sells Small Mana Elixir
  • The potion shop in Nivalis now sells Small, Medium and Large Mana Elixirs. A new shop in Candor sells Tiny and Small Mana Elixirs
  • The restrictions on the Skeleton Charm have been lifted
  • Valia (the npc for the Illia quest) has been moved indoors


Development Diary
This release paves the way for the new playable species and greater immersion. The plan is to create a new The Mana map, where new players would begin their journey as a formless entity. They will then learn about the different nations, species and a bit of backstory and be able to choose a species. Depending on the choice, the player would then materialize in the designated village for the chosen species. Even further in the future, each species will have an affinity to a specific element, thus dealing bonus elemental damage. The focus of the next several weeks will be on finishing the art for the new species and finishing/testing the new magic scripting engine (aka magic-v3), which will open up a lot of new possibilities
#151873 by wushin
Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:11 am
Patch v2016.2.9-4 released Feb 15th. No restart needed, just get the new updates.

  • Character Creation
  • Towel Cooldown in Tooltip
  • Fix the Caretaker's wife's (Joan) hair
#152189 by gumi
Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:48 pm
Release v2016.3.31
This week we have a tiny release that fixes some nasty bugs.

  • Fix Easter Quest money exploit.
  • Add range check to Easter eggs.
  • Limit the number of prizes that can be obtained in the Easter quest.
  • Reset the Blue Sage quest state for players that had a broken quest state and couldn't get the grimoire.

EDIT: this release was actually just to introduce April Fools easter eggs
#152337 by gumi
Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:27 am
Release v2016.4.3 (security patch) (live)
  • Prevent remote execution exploit. (ManaPlus backdoor)

Release v2016.4.8 (pre-release) (live)
  • Ignore the nickname sent from the client, always send nickname to self.
  • Make pvpoff actually work

Release v2016.4.21 (live)
  • Handle client version and flags properly, ignore version sent to char server.
  • Allow remote execution for secure clients (protocol version 6+, ManaPlus
  • Magic-v3 (self-fork, see below)
  • Add Celestia quest

Magic-v3 (self-fork) (live)
The list would be too long, here are the key points:
  • Remove Magic-v2 scripting engine
  • Add several new built-in functions to the tmwscript scripting engine
  • Add new variables types (scope variables, npc/mob variables)
  • Expose a lot of params, allow to get/set the params of any target (PC, NPC, MOB)
  • Allow to spawn/destroy lightweight npcs on-demand
  • Entirely rewrite every single spell to use tmwscript
  • Add some new GM commands
  • Add alchemy benches (not very useful right now)
  • Allow to place npc nodes on maps in the map editor (Tiled)
  • Send less data when changing maps, send most of the redundant data on login only

Release v2016.4.21-1 (pre-release) (live)
  • Fix the bug that caused a crash when using ingrav
  • Fix the bug that made players unable to play after switching chars

Full changelog
#152443 by Kether
Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:45 am
Magic-v3 (self-fork) (live)
Entirely rewrite every single spell to use tmwscript

Is it why we can't cast #loshira anymore ?

Will this great spell (with #skrimp) be back (maybe with level 3 magic) ?
#152445 by wushin
Sat Apr 30, 2016 12:53 am
Both of those spells are no longer in because they can be made at Alchemy stations now.
#152470 by Kether
Tue May 03, 2016 1:23 pm
Aw, I'll miss those spells but that's the game development ; and as far I as see, month after month, the damn patient and great job done by team and volunteers (also on site and wiki), I won't discuss it :)

It seems also that Dark and Diluted Concentration Potions will become rare items (if not removed from the database).

Thanks for your answers !
#152473 by gumi
Wed May 04, 2016 10:08 pm
Release v2016.4.24 (pre-release) (live)
  • Players no longer respawn at the soul menhir when dying in a PvP-enabled map.
  • A crash in TMWA has been fixed.
  • Spells can no longer be cast if the player is hidden (gm power).
  • The caves in Tulimshar have a new warp pattern.
  • The berets not properly apply the Agi bonus.
  • The hug command/spell now has a cooldown.
  • Players can not use magic for 10s after login (warmup).
  • Reid's Inn has been transformed into a village.

Release v2016.4.24-1 (pre-release) (live)
  • A crash in TMWA has been fixed.

Release v2016.4.25 (pre-release) (live)
  • A crash in TMWA has been fixed.
  • Ferrys are now more visual and easier to board.

Release v2016.4.25-1 (pre-release) (live)
  • A crash in TMWA has been fixed.

Release v2016.4.25-2 (pre-release) (live)
  • A crash in TMWA has been fixed.

Number of crashes since magic-v3: six and counting (plus one unscheduled reboot caused by our host)
#152519 by gumi
Wed May 11, 2016 5:05 pm
Release v2016.5.12 (test server)

  • Players can no longer #inma themselves.
  • It is no longer possible to cast while dead.
  • The illia quest is fixed.
  • Ingrav now checks for line of sight.
  • Itenplz now checks for line of sight.
  • Players can no longer cast magic with a grey mana bar.
  • Spells no longer bypass m.def.
  • Casting several times betsanc, asorm, plugh or anwiltyp no longer yields multiple end messages.
  • A couple of tiny map glitches have been fixed.
  • The ferry message now displays properly on the dock in Candor.

  • Any active spell can now be discharged by saying #discharge.
  • Morgan teaches about the discharge spell.
  • Players can now remove betsanc from themselves and protect against any further betsanc by saying #detsanc.
  • Sagatha teaches about the anti-betsanc spell.
  • The old Hurnscald signpost near the 4144 NPC is back.
  • There is now an alchemy bench in the swamp village, in the trading room.
  • [GM] Command alias for @pullrabbit (#pullrabbit).
  • [GM] Players can now be muted for up to 120 minutes with the new @mute command.
  • [GM] All visible players in the area can now be muted for up to 10 minutes with the new @stfu command.
  • [GM] GMs can now provide more immersion in events by talking directly through NPCs with @npctalk.
  • [GM] The music can now temporarily be changed with the @music command.


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